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Tips for arranging a home move before completion

Have you found your perfect new home and now need help to move? Do you know what steps you should take to help the transition run smoothly? A lot of us often end up underestimating the huge amount of responsibility and tasks that we need to deal with when we are moving house. We are often unprepared and end up making crucial mistakes: we either pay too much for few items that we need to move, or we forget to contact a good removal company and are left with poorer options at the end.

Wynnes Removals, the top rated Removals and Storage company running successfully in the Sussex, UK, offers helpful tips and suggestions for customers to make their house moves before completion less daunting.

Once you have located your dream home, you need to start getting your papers ready and head towards making the purchase finally. Usually it takes about 2-3 months for the purchase to be completed once you have agreed and informed the seller that you will be buying the house. During this time, to stay on track you have to ensure that:

– You choose your mortgage lender and find out all details of the process of borrowing money.
– Go through several legal agreements and contracts with your seller’s solicitors.
– Inform your friends and family so that they can come to help you when you need them.
– Find out the best movers in town and contact them for their service.

Once you have contacted different agencies for the move, it is extremely important that you keep them in the loop. This will help them to make necessary arrangements without losing precious time. If you can’t find the right moving company, you can visit americansmover.com for help.

Journal your tasks and activities

You must get a notebook or journal to list your “To Do’s” for the two to three months that you will need to move into your new house. This will keep your goals in your sight, and you can manage your time more effectively when you have set up a deadline in your mind. The journal will also help you to keep track over what you are doing, and manage your finances efficiently.

Get a floor plan of the new house

If it is possible, ask the owner of the house for a floor plan so that you can already start to make arrangements for your furniture. This is a very crucial part of the process. Knowing where you can set up your furniture will help you to decide what you need to keep in the storage and what items you can move. Often, people move too many items for which they pay a lot, only to realize later that they do not have enough space for all their items to fit in.

Get a safe lock box

Sort through your belongings to keep all your important documents in the best safe box where it will stay secure. Or else it can be very easy to lose your important files during the move.

Arrange for some removals boxes

You might want to get your storage boxes in order before it is too late. It is better to rely on an Interstate Moving Broker where you can get strong purchase made boxes instead of the ones you get at your local stores which are damaged and hard to keep together. Wynnes sells purchase made boxes at an affordable price, and from recyclable materials.

Make a list

List the items and furniture you finally want to move. This is when you should contact a moving company like Elite Movers Miami and let them know how many boxes you have. Depending on the information, they will let you know how much space you would need on their moving trucks. You can get a proper quote and finally get ready for the big move.

What do you do after signing the Contract?

Once you have signed the contract, you can be pretty sure that your deal is going through. It is very rare for a deal to fail once the contract is signed as both the buyer and seller are bound by law to honour the agreement. At this moment, you need to set up a date and time with your removals company to pick up your boxes and take them to your new home.

It is a safer option to trust local movers who can take care of several responsibilities for the move. Wynnes Removals and Storage Company not only provides recycled, purchase made boxes to store items for the move, but they will also assess the total number of items and give an accurate estimate of the number of trucks that you will need to book. Wynnes (http://wynnesremovals.co.uk/) offers dedicated removals services which have never failed expectations, and scheduling your house move will get as easy as you can imagine it to be!

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