Three PC/Server Components that Can Die Due to Heat

Environmental factors are an important consideration of designing any information system which contains physical infrastructure components. Most common among such components, says MovinCool, are the workstations and servers.

Among all the environmental risk factors such as fires, flooding, and earthquakes the one factor that’s constant is heat. A laptop alone might get a little hot after a little whiles use, however when you have a bunch of workstations or a cluster of servers in a closed off room, heat becomes a very serious threat for critical information systems infrastructure components such as the hard drives, the central processing units (CPUs) and memory (RAM). These are very important components of any server or workstation.

When you have a computer room air conditioner it ensures an additional layer of counter to heat which escapes from the cabinets. Depending how many computers there are, and how many people are in the room, having a good secondary cooling capacity adds to productivity of not only the workstations but also the people in the room.

Severs are typically contained in a closed off room, which may contain several towers which have a cluster of servers on several racks. The combined heat is quite considerable. A server room air conditioner can mitigate this heat.

When it comes to temporary offices, hot sites, cold sites, or trailers used on construction sites, a fixed unit is not always possible, in which case portable ac units can greatly mitigate this heat.

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