The kitchen is an area that is considered as the heart of the house. It is where food is created, providing strength to its owners. There are different designs for a comfortable and stylish kitchen setting. However, it mainly depends on the size of the kitchen and the budget one has for constructing it.

Before starting, there are several things one should look at when designing a floor plan. First of all, one must consider the basics. For instance, the kitchen should provide enough space for you to be able to move easily and quickly between the sink, cooking area and the fridge. These three points of movement are normally known as the working triangle.

After knowing the basic, you can start drafting the floor plan. You can choose one of the following:

  • In a Line kitchen design, which is good for small kitchens, there should be an island in the middle of the kitchen room. This adds more storage space and provides a hangout area.

  • In a parallel kitchen, one should make sure that there is enough room to walk without people bumping into each other. A distance of at least 120 cm will let you open up drawers on both sides at the same time.

Once done, it’s time to position the kitchen wares and equipment. In a well-spaced kitchen with worktops as the point of concern, make sure you have space on both sides of the hob to put hot pans on. If it’s a line kitchen design, the space between the sink and the hob should be enough to accommodate the hot pans.

The kitchen cabinets should be placed at a height that won’t block the view of the counter tops. Right next to the cabinets should be the kitchen fan, which is normally above the hob. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, when it comes to the height of the fan.

If you have no objection to placing the oven down, it is a better option to place your oven at an eye level. This provides lesser need for bending and keeps the oven out of the kids’ reach.

Make sure that you create a counter space besides the oven to give you somewhere to put hot trays on.

Keep your cooking utensils, pots and pans close to the hob. This is so that they are always within reach when you need them.

Storing your glasses, cutlery and porcelain close to the sink and dishwasher will make loading and unloading the dishwasher easier.

Leave space for a filler piece between the last cabinet and the wall. This will give enough room to fully open the door, which is important especially if you have pull up wire baskets.

It is not enough to know what you should do. You should also be aware of common mistakes in kitchen remodel design. These include:

  • Avoid placing ovens or dishwashers in a corner since they’ll block the adjacent drawers and cabinets when opening.

  • Placing a sink next to a wall will disrupt your work flow and will reduce your counter top space.

  • Placing your oven next to a wall will expose the wall to heat and fat splashes. Heat is a sensitive issue in the kitchen. Hence it is good to look at good heating services provided by different companies.

  • Placing drawers in a corner will block the adjoining cabinets and may damage the cabinet’s door or handle.

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