The need for mosquito control for your yard 

You are all set to enjoy your delicious summer meal out on your balcony or yard. But mosquitoes can be the unwanted guests and the most prominent mood spoiler. Also, if you have kids at home and they go outside to play in the patio, these mosquitoes can force them to go back inside the house. These annoying and frustrating winged insects can disrupt your outdoor mele as well as your kids’ outdoor activities.

Mosquitoes are responsible for nuisance

Although all the pets are annoying and disturbing, the buzz created by these unwanted mosquitoes is far more disturbing than any other pest. Moreover, if the mosquito bites you or your little one, it can cause itchiness, swelling, redness, or fever in extreme cases. In the worst case, a small mosquito bite can result in dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and Zika fever. Mosquitoes are also responsible for transmitting heartworm disease and some devitalizing conditions in pets.

Therefore, it is essential to take measures to reduce mosquito populations. You can spray insecticides while going outside, make sure your kids wear full sleeves and long pants to avoid the contact of these insects. Make sure you remove all the standing water from your home so that breeding does not take place. But if you are looking for long-term relief, these measures won’t work.

Look for professional mosquito control service 

Though you take all precautionary measures to avoid mosquitoes, they can breed. It is a bit daunting to remove all the standing water from every possible place, so the chances of mosquito appearance increase. That’s why taking professional mosquito control service is advisable. These kinds of services available for both commercial and residential properties.

The professional service includes-

  •         Applying a pest control barricade that stays for at least one month.
  •   Applying a moderate organic repellent that stays at least two weeks after every application.
  • Treating affected areas throughout the hot summers or whenever you think mosquitoes are showing activeness.


So, if you are looking for help eliminating mosquitoes in o’fallon, mo, talking with a pest professional is a must. Only professional pest control companies know what products must be used and in how much quantity to get rid of insect problems. Also, they know whether to use insecticides or not. They never put your life at stake. They are the ones who come up with the best solution based on customers’ needs and preferences.

Eco-friendly Solutions

The best thing is to choose an eco-friendly solution. Natural mosquito control sprays are gaining popularity among users because they are environmentally friendly. These natural sprays break down quickly into the atmosphere, but it does not cause any harm to humans. They are similar products to those professionals use for carpenter ant control treatment. They are also known to kill mosquitoes without even harming the plants, pets, or humans. The chemical content is too mild in these sprays. This solution is useful for at least two weeks after every application. If you think that the problem is not resolved yet, reuse as advised.


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