The Importance of Long Life Batteries for Green Living

Modern life, whether at home or in the work environment, is an impossible task without using a battery. Whether to power your television remote or a forklift, it is almost vital in order to function. Which is why the environmental impact of the average battery can be quite a daunting reality to face. This means that in order to be more environmentally friendly, a long life alternative battery is the only option.

Better for the Environment

The typical battery is full of toxic metals and harmful chemicals are used to produce the batteries in the first place. Not to mention, decomposition takes between 100 and 1000 years. Of course, you could avoid buying products that require batteries in order to reduce your environmental impact. But, over a long period of time, this simply isn’t possible. You need batteries in order to navigate the modern world.

Which is why long life batteries, whilst still presenting some of the same problems, are much better for living a low impact life. Yes, they use the same materials to create them. But, the length of use of these batteries compared to standard batteries means that you significantly reduce your environmental impact.

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In the same way, rechargeable batteries are equally as valuable when it comes to protecting the environment. As the energy and chemicals made to make them is made less impactful through continued and repeated usage.

The Future of Batteries

Overall, the future of batteries seems to be a green one. And that is down to something called lithium ion. Use in warehouses, industrial parks and other such settings around the world; you may be surprised to hear that the humble lithium ion forklift battery is such a hero. But, in ambitious plans from the US government, this simple battery may cut electricity usage in half.

Compared to green energy sources, this battery has a number of advantages. You cannot turn the wind or sun on and off at will, unfortunately, so they are unreliable at best. A battery is perfect for storing energy in times of excess abundance of sun or wind, to then use later down the line. Reliability is vital in industrial settings, so this alternative to green energy is perfect; as it is both environmentally friendly without relying on the unreliable nature of nature.

Add this to the added drive to recycle batteries in recent years, powered by the fact that many batteries (even standard ones) can easily be reused, the future of battery use looks bright. Shops, local councils, schools, libraries and even supermarkets have collection points for you to use in order to make your recycling efforts happen.

Overall, in order to lead a more low impact life, but not an inconvenient one, the use of long-life batteries like an agm deep cycle battery is the way of the future. Especially as the process of creating batteries becomes cleaner and more efficient, the impact of using them will decrease over time.

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