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The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

If you’re looking at making some long-term decisions about renovating or improving your home, you’ll want to consider underfloor heating. Not only is it the ultimate in luxury during the cold summer months, there are undeniable benefits of installing it, so we’ve put together a list of the upsides to give you a clearer idea on whether it’s the right heating option for your home.

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Heat a room, not just a corner.

Well designed and implemented systems totally supplant your need for radiators and can even improve on a radiator’s performance. Just opening a door can lead to a normal radiator’s efforts – and the energy used – being wasted.

On the other hand, underfloor heating gives out a radiant heat which rises into the room and doesn’t disappear as easily when the room is disturbed. Stone floors and underflooring heating systems properly installed  by professional heating services can keep a room warm even if the window is left open.

Compatibility with heat pumps.

When a heat pump is installed properly and has a regular heat pump maintenance, it can deliver up to three times more heat energy to a home than the electrical energy it uses.

While a traditional boiler will work, underfloor heating systems combine easily with environmentally friendly heat pumps you may already be using to reduce your home’s energy consumption.

Underfloor heating systems can be specifically designed to mesh with heat pumps, as long as you have it installed correctly by professional ground source heat pump installers, a huge benefit if you’re looking to lower the impact of your heating. 

If you are looking for a boiler repair service, then it’s important to do some online research before selecting to work with a contractor.

More control.

Underfloor heating systems aren’t controlled by a conventional thermostat. Using a central control point, you’ll have the flexibility to change the heating delivered to each room without having to walk around manually adjusting each radiator – a great feature if you’re concerned about maximizing the benefits of your energy use.

Consistent comfort.

Compared to the variable room temperature of a traditional radiator heater, you’ll experience more consistent and even heat distribution throughout a room with underfloor heating systems. Enjoy less airborne dust, toasty feet in the mornings and no bulky radiators to dictate the layout of your spaces.


Underfloor heating comes in two main flavours: water and electric A piped water system is the most energy efficient option in the long run but involves a greater installation cost, while an electric option is more expensive to run than water but much cheaper to install. Which one works for your property depends on your budget, the amount of rooms you want to heat, and the scale of your planned renovations.

Other benefits:

Underfloor heating is safer than a radiator as all the heating elements are hidden and low temperature compared to a radiator, so there’s no risk of children or pets scalding themselves. Underfloor systems also require less maintenance, so as long as your systems are properly planned and installed by a professional heating contractor, you’ll have very little to worry about in regards to an untimely and unexpected heating repair or the like. This should free you to take care of other aspects of your home more freely.

They’re not without some downsides though. Underfloor heating systems are slower to reach their desired temperature than other heating solutions, require careful planning to install, and can involve a larger up-front cost than installing traditional heating methods. We hope the benefits above have shown you the long term value of them, however.

Installing underfloor heating on a large scale in your home makes the most sense when you’re planning other significant renovations or improvements, as the majority of the cost of having underfloor heating is associated with installation. Plan carefully, get the right system for your property, and you can enjoy a more comfortable home with a lessened environmental impact.

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