The Bed of Your Dreams: 4 Things to Remember Before Buying a Mattress

It may not be very evident but, we tend to spend the longest time in our bedroom. Sleeping, taking a rest, or just lazing around mostly takes place in the comfort of our bed. So before buying yourself one, take some time to know what you should consider when getting a new mattress.

Your mattress is the soul of your bedroom so, to assist you in buying the bed that will truly suit your taste and need, here is a list of some helpful points to consider before shopping for a mattress.

Who is going to use it?

Before anything else, you should consider the person who will use the mattress because doing so will make it more transparent for you to pick which type of product will suit that person most. It is important to remember the person’s body type to select the right mattress for them, and there are services like best mattress in a box more @gottasleep that offer great options for this as well.

There are two opposites concerning a mattress’ sturdiness—firmer or softer. Firmer mattresses are advisable for people who sleep on their back or stomach because there is equal support given to the whole body. On the other hand, softer mattresses are more suitable for people who tend to sleep sideways because they put less pressure on their shoulders.

The sturdiness of the bed also helps with temperature control. Because firmer mattresses better support the body, it keeps it on top of the bed rather than sinking the body in. Therefore, there is more space around the body for airflow. A softer mattress reverses this effect since it pulls the person in the bed, limiting the airflow, thus making it hotter for the person.

What is it made up of

The best bed is made up of the best materials that’ll fit  your needs. Accordingly, it is necessary to have a bit of knowledge about the materials used in building the mattress to ensure quality and personal fitting.

There are numerous categories of mattresses out there, and finding the perfect one may take some effort, so take time getting familiar with the most common types of mattresses listed below.

  • It uses spring coils as a support system and is also one of the oldest types of mattresses out there.
  • Memory foam. The material used conforms to the body shape of the person using it while still giving balanced support.
  • It uses both spring coils and memory foam to create a balance of support and comfort.
  • It copies the same feel as memory foam with different materials used in constructing it. The said materials can either be natural or synthetic.
  • Air bed. It is made convenient for traveling since it is foldable and easy to use.

How would it look like in the room?

The bedroom is a personal space, and its appearance will somehow reveal a thing or two about its owner, so it is only proper for one to consider the overall image of the room when choosing which mattress to put in it.

There are two things to put in mind, size and space. Before selecting a mattress to buy, contemplate the proper height and width of your chosen bed. Not only will it ensure that the bed fits your room, but it will also guarantee that you are delighted with your purchase. Also, doing so will help you achieve the amount of space you intend to keep in your room.

The ratio of emptiness and fullness of your room will affect the ambiance you will get to feel and relax in every time you stay there. It will also make further rearrangements easier to carry out since you saved some space for it.

Until when do you expect it to be in use?

Your bed will be your resting nest for years, which is why buying one is such an imperative personal investment. Hence, it is preferable to examine the lifespan of the type of mattress you want to buy.

Different types of mattresses have contrasting lengths of durability. Innersprings have the shortest of them all, which ranges from five to eight years, then comes memory foam and hybrid, which lasts from eight to ten years, but the most durable compared to the said three is latex which lasts from ten to twelve years long.

Of course, the durability of a product does not only rely on the materials used in making it nor the craftsmanship. It is also up to the owner’s care and cautiousness if the product can succeed in its lifespan or not.


Choosing which mattress to purchase is comparable to picking which piece will complete your home because it will stay there for the long haul. The amount of comfort you get from lying on your bed is relative to the amount of satisfaction you get from buying it. You will not be using your bed for only a day or two, so it is better to invest proper time, effort and knowledge before choosing which mattress to buy.

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