Staying Motivated Whilst Working From Home

It’s extremely easy to become distracted – our favourite games are available in the palm of our hands as mobile puzzle games and casinos have become increasingly popular, and although initiatives such as Gamstop within the UK are set forward in a bid to reduce access as operators are urged to sign up, a huge number of casinos not on gamstop are readily available as it is increasingly common for operators to register in countries with more relaxed gaming laws and stay more consumer focused – but with distractions so easy to hand, how do you stay motivated whilst working from home?

Designate a working space – Much like your normal office, designating a work space at home can serve as a big benefit to staying motivated. Moving yourself away from your everyday distractions such as your television, and leaving your smartphone elsewhere in your home when not needed can be the push needed to transform your area into a working office from home – ensuring this space is in a lesser used area of your home may be important too, if you place your desk and computer in a part of the house you don’t often frequent, once you go there you know it’s time to work.

Software Solutions – Software development covers any area you can imagine – if you find yourself turning to other distractions whilst working from home then a software solution may be what you need. Apps and extensions can temporarily block access to websites or services for a set period of time so you can ensure that even if you find yourself being distracted, you’ll remain unable to access a site or service until the work day is through.

Keep to your schedule – It’s easy to let habits slip when your routine changes, but it could be the most important thing to staying motivated whilst working from home. Waking up early to have some breakfast and dressing in your normal work outfit, as well as finishing on time and getting away from your desk as you would whilst finishing work normally – without a schedule to keep to, the work and home life day may become blurred as you find yourself either working longer than you usually would, or spending more time on a distraction than you usually would.

With many countries across Europe beginning to ease their lockdown restrictions, and the UK set to reassess the current lockdown measures within the next week or so, there may be a possibility for many to return to work in their normal capacity sooner rather than later – however the expectation is that many who are able to will be asked to continue working from home and with that the need more than ever to remain motivated for a longer period of time. Surveys suggest that the majority would prefer to work from an office rather than continuing working from home, but there’s also a possibility that following the spread of coronavirus and changing social norms, working from home may become a mainstay across the country as attitudes toward social distancing change and become more of an everyday normal behaviour.

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