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Some Of The Features That You Will Like To Have In Your Cottage House Plan

Oftentimes when people are considering different styles for their second home or vacation retreat, a popular choice is the cottage-style home. With this style home, it allows you to have a few cozy and comfortable rooms that are also quite charming.

In addition, it’s a good idea to make this home both practical and well functioning. While there may not be ample room available, it should still have some character. Here are a few primary features that you may want to include in your cottage house plans:

  • Stucco walls
  • Small porches
  • Balconies
  • Gable roofs
  • Bay windows

Generally, most cottage houses are either one-story or have a 1 ½ story structure. If you are planning to build a cottage house there are a few quintessential features to consider including in your house plan.

  1. An asymmetrical structure

There are a few cottage housing plans that you may often come across in various cities throughout the US where you will notice an asymmetrical structure. Usually cottages are 1 or 2-storied buildings characterized by an asymmetrical structure with cross-gabled roofs.

There are some other traditional cottages that feature high chimneys decorated with brick or stonework, arched doorways, and uneven roofs to further enhance asymmetry. You might even discover that rooms inside the home are of irregular shapes and sizes from time to time. Contact a local roofer you can consult for a roof replacement project to enhance asymmetry.

  1. Porch

You will also find most cottages offered by builders throughout the US feature a spacious and welcoming front porch. Not only is the porch an extension of your living space, it is instrumental in capturing a snug feel to complement the aesthetics of your house. You may install retractable awnings in your porch to make it a relaxing space no matter the weather. A quick visit to a home awning retailer should be all you need to find the right one for your home.

A porch provides you with the perfect place to unwind after spending a long, busy day at work. Sipping a refreshing drink on a summer afternoon is just one of the endless activities you can enjoy on your porch.

  1. Steep roofline

You will generally find one of the most striking features on cottages is their dramatic and steep rooflines that offer a dramatic appeal to your house. Having a high roof also means that you have the option of dormers to create extra space.

This space can be used for a variety of purposes such as a children’s bedroom, office, library, art studio, and more.

  1. Cozy interior design

While the design of the exterior is an important component of your cottage home, the interior is of equal importance. The cottage interiors often have a simple and neat structure, making it ideal for any homeowner to create a warm atmosphere with a neutral color palette.

You can create a house that is perfect for you and feel the idyllic charm that you get from an old style of English-country homes in both a modern and contemporary setting.

You will find many cottage house plans in numerous locations, where you can choose to build your cottage house.

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