Small but amazing changes when redecorating

Do you ever get the feeling that your home is just a bit outdated when it comes to design? Maybe you’ve lived somewhere for many years and are just ready for a change. Or maybe you’ve just moved in and really want to create an amazing feeling to your new home. Whatever the case may be you deserve to live in a space that feels uniquely yours and is designed according to your preferences. Many people think that great design has to come at a large cost, so they find it easier to avoid this altogether. But this is simply not true. You can redecorate your home, on your own, for a very low budget and end up with great results. Here are some ideas on how to do it.

Swap out pillows

It’s a small change, but swapping out your old throw pillows for some new and fresh ones can really brighten up your living room. The same goes for your bedroom as well! Toss out old pillows in monotonous colors, they are doing nothing for your room! Instead, bring in some bright colored pillows to add a punch to your space. Add some pillows with fun patterns as well, and don’t be afraid to mix and match! Old traditional design rules might frown upon mixing colors and patterns that don’t match, but you can create a fun and funky feel this way.

Window treatments

If you think about how many windows you have in your house, you’ll see what an impact the window treatments can have on your overall interior design feel. If you have old curtains that aren’t doing anything to add ambiance to the room, swap them out! You can get some more brightly colored curtains or even remove them altogether. Curtains add a more traditional feel to a room; Aside from curtains you can as well try these modern shutters sydney that can create a more energy-efficient environment. So if you’re looking for something more modern, consider plantation shutters or something similar. Shutters create a crisp and clean look in your room.

Fresh paint

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to add new zip and pizzazz to your room. It can be so much fun trying out different paint colors to see what really resonates. Don’t be afraid to use a punchy, bold color you might not normally try. It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone in a way that’s totally reversible if you really don’t like it. Try painting just one wall a different color for a fun, modern feel.


By changing up the lighting style in your room, you can completely change the feeling. So rather than investing a lot of money in new furniture and remodeling just try this quick fix first! Add some soft hanging lamps or lanterns in your kitchen and dining room area to create a great ambiance for meals and while you’re at it, set the tone of your kitchen with a white colored granite countertops. You may also consider looking for Marble for sale if you want to have marble countertops. Add reading lights to your living room, and fun colored string lights on your porch outside for a festive atmosphere. If you add a dimmer switch to your overhead lights, you’ll be able to adjust the mood of the room. This is a great option for the dining room, bedroom, or anywhere you might want to take the lighting from high to low.


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