Simple Ways to Childproof Your Kitchen

childproof your kitchen to feed them without risks

New parents are facing the most exciting, yet often very stressful chapter in their life. As babies start crawling and walking, their curiosity gets stronger each day. They are eager to explore their surroundings and learn about new textures, materials, and shapes by touching and even tasting them. Even though you can’t stop these little explorers from getting to know the world around them, you can make it safer and prevent accidents that are common for this age. The kitchen is surely one of the most dangerous, but also most interesting places in every home for little hands to grab everything. Glass or ceramic dishes, sharp kitchen tools, cleaning supplies, and foods kids shouldn’t eat at that age are all there, and parents need to do their best to protect their little ones from them. If you have a baby on the way or your little one started inspecting every room in the house, we’ve got a guide for you. Here are some simple ways to childproof your kitchen and create a safer environment for your little bundle of joy. Then again, consider exploring the offerings at a high-quality kitchen showroom such as Kochwerk to benefit from expert advice and hands-on experience with various kitchen designs, especially if you are planning a kitchen remodeling project.

Keep everything poisonous out of reach

It’s common for people to keep cleaning supplies or similar chemicals in their kitchen, typically under the sink or in some of the lower shelves or cabinets. However, when there’s a kid in the house, you need to keep all the toxic items out of their reach. Use the highest shelf to keep them away from your little ones, even though you may think they can’t open the cabinets. It’s better to be precautions and keep them away, as chemicals often come in colorful bottles and kids can think it’s a bottle of juice or a toy. Finally, having a kid is one more reason to go eco-friendly in your kitchen and choose less toxic cleaning supplies and materials.

Sharp objects should be out of sight

You may have a fancy knife holder on your countertop or a bowl with useful kitchen tools such as scissors. However, shiny items like this draw kids’ attention, and they may try to climb to reach them. It’s best to keep sharp and dangerous objects out of the kids’ sight, in a secure drawer or kitchen cabinets.

a baby eating fruits

Make sure the only things they can reach are safe and suitable for their age.

Lock cabinets and drawers

Kids shouldn’t be able to open kitchen cabinets and drawers as they like. You can’t remove all the potentially dangerous items from the kitchen, but you can secure cabinet doors and drawers and not let the kids open them. There are plenty of ways to do this – installing magnetic locks, latch locks, or even Velcro locks. There are also pull-cord locks that are perfect for kitchen cabinets with classic knobs. They go around each knob and you can tighten them securely and prevent the child from opening the door. You could have professionals perform a kitchen cabinet refacing, which will require removing the knobs ideally, and then swap them for these more child-friendly versions.childproof your kitchen so a baby can’t open kitchen cabinets

Make sure your kids can’t open cabinets with dangerous items.

Baby-proof the kitchen floor

Kitchen floors are usually covered with tiles, which tend to be very slippery specially when they are wet. Small kids who are still insecure about their walking and climbing skills, may hurt themselves by slipping on these tiles or rugs that easily move around. It’s best to use nonskid rugs and always look out for spills and other slipping hazards.

Cover electrical outlets

Electrical outlets are particularly interesting for kids, as they are trying to put their little fingers in them. Make sure you cover all the visible outlets with special babyproof covers but also don’t forget to hide all the cords. Electrical cords also seem like a convenient toy for your little ones, especially the ones they try to chew. Make sure you hide all of them behind a counter or use hooks to hang them so they are out of reach for little hands. You can also hire surge protection services to avoid faulty outlets. Call Electrical Contractors Adelaide when you have electrical concerns.

Babyproof the appliances

Little hands can easily grab a handle on your oven, dishwasher, or even fridge and cause a mess or an accident. Don’t forget to babyproof your appliances with safety latches so you can be the only one who can open them as needed.

In case you need to move to a new home with a baby or toddler, Big Man’s Moving company advises you to get as much help as needed, and not only with carrying big appliances. Focusing on packing and organizing the move may make you pay less attention to your little ones, which maximizes risks of them getting hurt. Make sure you’ve got a reliable team to rely on, so you can take care of your kids and prepare them for this huge event and all the changes.

Organize the inside of your kitchen cabinets

With your little one starting to crawl around, you may have to reorganize your kitchen cabinets. Sort items according to their material – actually, according to how dangerous they are for the kids. Bottom cabinets should contain plastic or wooden items, or things they can’t break or hurt themselves. Any breakables should be on higher shelves and cabinets, where little hands can’t grab or break them. Keep glasses, glass bowls, and ceramics as high as possible, and don’t leave them unattended on the kitchen counter. Kids can easily grab and break them, risking cutting themselves and getting hurt.

a boy carrying a plastic plate

Plastic plates and cups are safe for kids to carry around.

Don’t let them explore what’s inside the trash cans

Even if you have a high-tech motion-sensor trash can, your kids will find a way to open them. Trash cans often spark curiosity in little ones, and can be a huge suffocation or toxic hazard. Secure the lid with a safety latch or keep the can away from the kitchen area. This will ensure they don’t stick their hands into the dirt and risk their health.

Keep plastic bags out of reach

They make fun noises, but plastic bags are also a huge suffocation hazard when it comes to little kids. One more way to childproof your kitchen is to keep plastic bags far from their reach. Use a plastic grocery bag storage holder and hang it on the back of your pantry door, so plastic bags are high enough and little ones can’t reach them. This will not only help with keeping your kids safe, but you’ll also make your kitchen or pantry tidy and organized. An organized and mess-free kitchen is also easier to pack in case you need to move. As you’ll have to tidy up the space first before packing for the move, you’ll already have organized space and a job half done. You’ll pack your kitchen in no time and be lot more efficient.

Final words

You can’t protect your kids from every danger in the world and be overprotective of them in every possible situation. However, it’s wise to childproof your kitchen, as well as other areas in your home, and minimize the risks of your little ones getting hurt in their own home. Baby and toddler years are indeed tricky, but they go away so fast, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and protect your kids in every way possible.

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