Signs That You Shouldn’t Renew Your Home Lease

You stayed in your place until the end of your lease because you loved it. In other cases, you stay because you have no choice due to your contract. Now that it’s about to end, you have the chance to decide whether or not you continue the lease. You have to carefully assess your decision and leave when you see these signs.

The location isn’t safe anymore

The community has started to change, and you don’t feel safe with your neighbours anymore. You have to leave because you don’t want to place your family at risk. If the crime rate is growing and there’s violence near where you live, you have to go. It doesn’t matter if you like your house. It’s not safe for everyone in your family anymore.

You can’t afford the lease

Perhaps, it’s time to move to a simpler place if it means paying less each month. Besides, you don’t need a home with too much space when you only occupy a portion of it. You can spend your income on other things instead of wasting it on a monthly lease. You might also want to save up so you can eventually buy your own house.

You’re not happy with the place

Whether it’s because of the nature of your home or an unfortunate incident that occurred, you have to consider leaving if you’re unhappy. You can’t allow yourself to be in the same environment if it reminds you of terrible things. You need a fresh start, and a new home could give you what you need.

Your family is growing

When you took the lease, you were still alone. Now that you have a family, and your kids are growing, you can’t stay in the same place. You want to provide them with a home where they can freely play. You also need to store more items. It’s time to look for a place that could help make everyone in your family comfortable.

You have issues with the landlord

You want to have a good relationship with the landlord. If you have already strained the relationship for whatever reason, it’s time to leave. Even if you decide to renew the lease, you can’t negotiate the terms to make them more favourable. You might also continue to have problems in the long run.

Prepare to leave

After carefully thinking about this decision, it’s time to pack your bags and leave. Look for a new place where you’re going to stay for the next few years. Hire people to help you to pack and move. If you’re ready, you can inform your landlord that you won’t renew the lease.

Even if you don’t have the best relationship, you still have to be polite. Clean the house or hire house clearance Cheltenham offers to do the job if you live in the area. Besides, your deposit is still with the landlord. You don’t want to lose that because you left the place in terrible shape.

If you feel excited about your decision to move, it means that you made the right choice.


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