Sahel Majali: Founder and Chairman of Mid Group

With over 30 years of experience in construction and contracting, Sahel Al Majali heads the Mid Group as its founder and Chairman. This fast-growing, global organisation has established a reputation as a forerunning, dynamic construction, investment and development company. With offices in the UK and the Middle East, the Mid Group incorporates several subsidiary companies including Mid Holding, Mid Contracting UK, Mid Consulting, Sterling Living, and Sterling BIM.

Throughout his career, Mr Majali has been engaged by leading companies and brands in the construction industry, working alongside some of the world’s most recognisable private individuals. The Mid Group has completed numerous company formations across Asia, picking up several prestigious awards for its dynamic, innovative solutions.

Before becoming the Mid Group’s Chairman, Mr Majali founded Amman-based Mid Contracting Jordan in 1991. The company focused on investments, development and dynamic construction. Mr Majali served as Mid Contracting Jordan’s Managing Director and Chairman from 1991 until 2007.

In his current capacity as the Mid Group Chairman, Mr Majali presides over the organisation’s boards. They work collaboratively to grow and develop the company further, with the ultimate aim of establishing the Mid Group as the best contractor in the United Kingdom.

Sahel Majali has gained extensive knowledge of construction management throughout his long career in the industry, and has earned a reputation as an industry innovator through his in-depth knowledge and implementation of digital technologies in construction.

Sahel Majali studied at London’s University College, graduating with a BS degree in Civil Engineering in 1984. A year after graduating, Mr Majali relocated to the United States, studying at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. He achieved an M.E.A. in 1985, majoring in Construction Management.

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About the Mid Group

The Mid Group was established in 2014. In just five years, the business has established an enviable reputation as the UK’s premier off-site construction company.

The Mid Group has delivered a number of sizeable development projects across South East England. The company’s innovative approach to construction has been recognised with multiple awards.

The Mid Group works with a range of clients, from private developers to the public sector, taking the time to really understand their construction needs and help them realise optimum value from investment in construction projects. The Mid Group strives not just to meet client expectations, but to surpass them, with its dynamic and innovative construction solutions.

The Sahel Majali Twitter page provides more information about the Mid Group’s current projects.


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