Recycled Furniture – Furnish Your Home the Green Way

New furniture is expensive, even if you only buy items from discount and bargain stores. Only buying new is also not very good for the environment, so if you want to reduce your impact on the environment, why not make use of recycled furniture or even make your own from recycled materials?

Going Green

Using recycled furniture prevents these items from ending up in a landfill site somewhere. By choosing to re-use stuff other people don’t want, you are saving the planet’s resources. After all, every new piece of furniture is made from scratch, or in other words trees are felled and energy is expended manufacturing and transporting the item to the store.

Add Character to Your Home

Generic shop bought furniture can be perfectly serviceable if you spend a decent amount of money. In fact if you buy well-made pieces from reputable websites such as, there is no reason to assume you will end up with a selection of furniture that is not fit for purpose. However, if you want to stamp your personality all over your home, it is far more fun to source interesting and quirky items that have perhaps lived a former life as something completely unrelated.

Finding Unique Pieces

Finding unique furniture pieces can truly transform your living space. By embracing recycled materials and crafting your own items, you ensure that every corner of your home reflects your individual style. Instead of opting for generic pieces from big stores, consider exploring hidden gems like Johnny’s Furniture in Melbourne. This way, your home becomes a showcase of creativity and sustainability. When friends and family come over, you’ll have fascinating stories to share – whether it’s about the beautiful coffee table from Johnny’s Furniture or the DIY bed made from reclaimed pallets, turning every visit into a memorable experience.

Breathe Life into Old Furniture

It is easy to discount old furniture that is several decades old, especially if it has scratches on the wood or tears in the fabric. But if you learn to look past the superficial damage and spend a bit of time and effort renovating older pieces, you could easily end up with a beautiful, solid piece of furniture that is capable of giving you many years of loyal service. And more importantly, you are doing your bit for the environment by reusing someone else’s unwanted junk.

Make Your Own Furniture

You are probably thinking at this point that making your own furniture is well beyond your pathetic DIY skills, but crafting a few simple pieces of furniture is not actually that difficult.

  • Shelves – Anyone can craft some basic shelves from a few bricks and some reclaimed wooden planks. Stack the bricks up and rest the planks on top – you have an instant shelving system for zero cost.

  • Coffee table – Find an old wooden chest, paint it or sand it down and re-varnish it, then give it a whole new lease of life as a coffee table.

  • Bed – Wooden pallets are full of possibilities. You can use wooden pallets to make all kinds of different furniture pieces, including beds.

Finding Old Junk to Recycle

There are lots of places to go in search of old furniture. You may spot some interesting items in a dumpster or abandoned on the side of a road. Or you could ask around your friends, neighbours and work colleagues who recently had an old office furniture removal to see if they have any old items they would like to get rid of for free. Alternatively, look online or place an advert on websites such eBay or craigslist – most people are more than happy to hand over old unwanted furniture unless they can get a dumpster rental.

Earn Cash Recycling Old Furniture

As crazy as it sounds, if you are artistic or you have a creative flair, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make some money by restoring old furniture or turning it into a shabby chic collectible. People pay good money for quality, restored pieces of furniture, especially if they have been given a new distressed paint finish and labelled as ‘vintage’.

Not only can you do your bit for the environment by restoring old, unwanted furniture, but you can also make some money at the same time! It really is a win-win situation so what are you waiting for?

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