Quarantined Gambling

COVID-19 has made some adjustments to the daily life of most of us. Self-isolation has become a trend of 2020, which somehow affects every citizen of the country.

Another question is what to do during self-isolation. When your favorite TV series are already revised, it’s time to have fun. The best way is to play the best online casino in Canada, especially if the resource offers quality novelties.

However when checking out an online casino, one thing worth considering is their game fairness. All the casino games in reputable casinos like online casino Philippines are regularly audited by independent auditing firms that guarantee the fairness of all games.

Staying in quarantine stimulates the popularity of online gaming services like this online casino malaysia. Due to the cancellation of most sporting events around the world, many betting companies are trying to provide alternative opportunities for guests, trying to maintain their position in the market. Russian bookmakers offer their clients virtual sports betting and in Australia have started accepting bets on weather forecasts.

Main spring market trends 2020

By analyzing the statistics for March 2020 on deposit amounts and conversion rates, one can track the characteristic changes of this season:

the overall internet gambling performance shows a significant positive trend;

bettors are smoothly moving away from sports betting to vip casino sites and not only;

Although the services of new operators do not appear, the existing networks of Internet gaming rooms note a significant increase in user activity;

in online betting there is a marked decrease in turnover, but less than expected in pessimistic forecasts. Sign up now to get the Starcasinò bonus!

In April statistics, betting “saturated” much more, and virtual casinos “poached” some of their clients.

Bookmakers’ performance in different countries

Statistics of betting services of different countries show similar dynamics:


Despite the fact that the country has a 3% annual increase in the amount and number of deposits, in the first month of spring these figures fell by 18%.

Great Britain

Compared to February statistics, the bookmaker industry suffered 22% losses in early spring. There was also a 15% decrease in volumes compared to the average annual figures.


The Italian market fell by 5% in March compared to the same period last year. And even in annual terms, deposit volumes fell by 4%. Income per customer fell by 11% and 9%, respectively.


The overall performance of the betting business is worse here. Comparing March of this year with the previous one, a decrease of 16% can be seen, and the average annual parameters also show a decrease of 12%.

A typical picture for the entire betting industry: the overall ratio of clients who were interested in sports betting fell by 7% and 5% on a monthly and annual basis, respectively. The new figures for user retention rates for March look even more negative. For example, in Italy this parameter was reduced by 15% compared to February statistics, and in annual comparison it was reduced by 18%.


The number of new depositors, divided by the total number of registered users, is called the conversion rate. Statistics show that this parameter has also improved for gamblers in spring 2020. In March, it increased by 8%, and in average annual terms has risen by 24%. Now the average conversion rate is 44%, although last spring it reached only 33%. You can learn more about the industry if your read more here.

The growth dynamics is typical for Italy. In this country, the conversion rate rose to 58%. However, it has improved by 18% compared to March last season. If we compare the conversion parameters with the deposit amounts in other countries, they also confirm the trend of shrinking sports betting market and the switch of players to the segment of online casino Vulcan such as gioco digitale casino.

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