Protect Your Property During High Wind Storms

Those that grew up watching “Mary Poppins” and “The Wizard of Oz” likely understand that sometimes wind has a terrible power. People that live in the midsection of this country often hear tornado sirens blaring. These days, the weather patterns appear to be changing. Areas of the country that used to stay cooler in the summer now have higher temperatures throughout most of the year. This can increase the intensity of any storms that brew up. When exceptionally high temperatures come together and collide with significantly colder air, stronger thunderstorms can form that often include property damaging higher wind gusts.
High winds can occur even without thunder and lightening. Winter often brings in very windy snowstorms and blizzard type conditions. Every property owner should be aware of the devastating impact that these kinds of wind gusts can do. It is common to see large tree limbs and other debris thrown far from the tree that grew them. Even whole trees can topple especially if there is a problem with the tree. Trees situated close to structures can fall onto the home, business or other building and cause even more extensive and costly damages.
When high winds are being forecast, property owners should take time to ensure that their outdoor pool toys, sports equipment and lightweight chairs are put inside or tied down securely. Much of the property damage seen with storm winds are caused by flying objects that hit homes, cars and other property. In tornado and hurricane prevalent areas, heavy-duty storm shutters should be installed on vulnerable windows so that they can be closed during these types of storms. If your home, business or other building does get wind damage, consider hiring an experienced wind damage restoration specialist to take care of the storm aftermath destruction.
If there are tall trees very close to your home, seriously consider either trimming them back or removing them altogether as they are a huge risk to your house. Individuals that own a garage should put their vehicles inside if possible. Others can tape cardboard, plastic or special windshield protectors to help avoid car body and windshield dents, cracks and other damage common with storms that produce larger hailstones. Ensure that hanging plants and various lighter porch items are taken inside until the winds die down. Use common sense protective measures during high winds.

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