Pests And Their Household Health Risk

Household pests are found in most homes, no matter how efficient you are at keeping your house clean. While some pests are simply irritating and cause damage to your house, they, and many other types of pests can be the cause of certain health issues for you and your family.

Following is a list of the various types of pests common to most homes, their health risks, and what you can to do get rid of them and prevent them from returning.

Different types of household pests

Various species of pests are found in homes all over the world, and include:

• Rats and mice
• Termites
• Cockroaches
• Mosquitoes
• Flies
• Fleas
• Bed bugs
• Ants
• Spiders
• Ticks
• Dust mites

Although rats, mice, and termites are known to cause extreme damage to property, they are also the cause of some serious health problems. Just like the other pests on the list above, rats, mice, and termites too, leave traces of urine everywhere, shed skin, and leave behind faecal matter that floats in the air that you and your family inhale 24/7. Without mice pest control, this also results in food becoming contaminated, leading to all sorts of health issues, some of them extremely serious. You can choose environmentally friendly pest control services to handle it for you.

Health issues caused by household pests

Discovering pests in your home can be upsetting and stressful. Apart from the expense involved with repairing the damage they cause, it’s the health issues that they could cause which is most worrying. For instance:

Rats and mice – diseases from the bacteria left behind on surfaces in your home include leptospirosis, plague, rat-bite fever, E. coli, Lyme disease, and salmonella. They are also the cause of an illness called hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, an extremely dangerous respiratory illness with flu-type symptoms. Your health is compromised if you have a rat infestation in your home. It is crucial to contact a rat control company as soon as possible in order to eliminate these pests.

Termites – termites live off the wood used to build a house. They disturb any mildew and mold present in the wood, causing the spores to be released into the air. Inhaling these spores can aggravate existing allergies and trigger the onset of asthma.

Cockroaches – found in kitchens and bathrooms, or in any other places in the home that is moist and warm, cockroaches spread a variety of viruses and bacteria. They cause respiratory issues and trigger cockroach allergy in most other children that they come into contact with. Some researchers are also convinced that cockroaches can result in the development of asthma in small children.

Mosquitoes – apart from being incredibly irritating, mosquitoes also cause several health issues. They are known to cause West Nile, Eastern Equine, and Zika Encephalitis viruses, so dangerous, that they can lead to serious sickness and in some cases, even death in some human beings as well as animals! It is best to have mosquito control provided by professional companies.

Flies – like many people, you also probably don’t see flies as anything more than irritating pests buzzing around your home. However, did you know that they carry a variety of illnesses in their bodies that they transmit to surfaces in seconds? Flies could result in you becoming ill with dangerous illnesses like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, tuberculosis, and salmonella! Or, it could be placing parasitic worm eggs on your food, that could develop into long-term gastrointestinal and other related illnesses!

Fleas – fleas are found in most homes, especially where pets are part of the household. Flea bites can lead to allergic reactions, itching, infections, and even anaphylaxis. Fleas carry an enormous range of bacteria that can result in humans catching diseases such as typhus, plague, cat-scratch fever, and at times, even plague, after a flea has bitten an infected rodent.

Bed bugs – although they don’t normally carry disease, bed bugs could result in infections developing from scratching itchy spots on the skin. Also, bed bug infestations in the home can lead to mental issues such as depression, stress, insomnia, as well as social isolation problems.

Ants – as tiny as they are, ants, when they infest your home in their thousands, can also become a health hazard. Ant bites are not only painful but can also cause rashes and inflammation. Since ants are also known to feed on decomposing animal carcasses, they can also bring salmonella into your home.

Spiders – even though most spiders aren’t dangerous, there are certain species that can result in serious health issues for humans. Being bitten by one of these spiders could result in inflammation, swelling, allergic reactions, as well as extreme discomfort for some people. Spiders such as brown recluse spiders or black widows are enormously dangerous and can inflict incredibly toxic bites that need immediate medical attention!

Ticks – being bitten by an infected tick could lead to Lyme disease, with symptoms such as stiff neck, joint pain, heart palpitations, paralysis of the face, and severe headaches.

Dust mites – these are microscopic bugs that mostly feed on the dead skin left behind from both humans and animals. Although they don’t carry diseases and are harmless to people, it’s their feces that triggers allergic reactions, especially in those who are asthmatic.

How to get rid of your household pests for good!

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