Paint your room and create the illusion of a larger room – Some tips and tricks

When you’re living in a small space, every little space matters. However, it is pretty unfortunate that too many people these days are not able to afford large rooms and larger apartments due to the credit crunch that they go through. With the rise in housing prices in the UK and with the sluggish job market, there are many prospective homeowners who have to compromise with a smaller living space than what they have always dreamt of. The concerns of this article will deal with the tips and tricks that you need to follow in order to make a small room look bigger by applying some painting tricks. 

Small rooms usually make you feel uncomfortable and confining. Especially if you relocated or moved to a new home, this can be a game changer. However, there are certain designing concepts and ideas which can create the illusion of a larger room and make it look more spacious than what it is actually. Arranging furniture, colour techniques and smart ways of positioning lights are just some of the effective ways of making your small room look larger. Check out some ideas and try them out if you’re living in a small space and you want to create the impression of a larger room.

  1. Paint your room with light colours and go for clever contrasts: Learn about wall preparation before painting at If you’ve heard about optical illusion, you would know why you can use paint colours smartly in order to make your room appear larger. Many offices also hire commercial exterior painting companies to paint their walls in specific colors to be brightly lit, while remaining professional. It is usually a known fact that lighter colours make your room appear brighter and larger than they actually are. Bright walls with light colours reflect more light making a space feel airy and open and this enhances the entire effect which is created by the natural sunlight. On the other hand, dark colours absorb more light and make the room appear smaller. Hence, you should select softer tones of colours like off-white, green and blue and remember that bright rooms look more inviting and bigger. You can hire a home interior painting service for a professional painting job.
  2. Positioning the lights is a key element: If you have the opportunity to allow more natural light inside the room, this opens up the interior portion and makes the room look larger. In case there’s not much natural light, you may add some light fixtures in order to enhance the creative effects of the room. You will rather be amazed to know how such a small addition can make such a big difference. If there’s access to natural light, it is better to have large windows through which light can come in and make your room look larger. Use light window coverings and pull them back totally to let maximum light to come in and brighten the space.
  3. Decluttering can make your room look bigger: How about keeping your room organized and tidy? There’s nothing that can make a room look small and cramped than having too many things in it. When you have everything neatly arranged and farther from your sight, the space which is visible will feel open and orderly. Whenever it is a cluttered room, you can be sure that it will look smaller. Avoid covering the walls with too many wall hangings or pictures. Remember that one large painting will work better than a clutter of smaller ones. When there’s too many hanging on the wall, they will attract more attention and this will make the room look crowded. While decorating the room, make a focal point which will draw attention.
  4. Mirrors placed in the right way can work wonders: Did you know that mirrors can make your room look larger? Utilize a focal point and place your mirrors in the right place so that you can create the illusion of depth. Mirrors can reflect both artificial light and natural light in order to make a room bright during the day and also at night. They play a catalyst in bouncing light more into the room. Place a mirror near the outdoors so that it reflects the outdoors and makes the room appear larger.
  5. Maximize the arrangement of your furniture: There are times when furniture can occupy a lot of space and if you wish to avoid this, you have to use multi-functional furniture like a chest which can easily be used as a coffee table or a bed with drawers. Use expandable folding tables, dining tables and nesting tables which can be folded and kept away whenever you don’t need them. Place the larger furniture against the walls so that there’s more space left free.

Therefore, when it comes to the colour of your rooms, you should keep all the above mentioned things in mind so that you can do away with the pain of living in a so-called small space. Use the ideas to paint your room tactfully so as to make your room appear larger than usual. And make sure to consult an interior commercial painting contractor if you have questions about painting techniques and materials.

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