Move House More Easily


It’s not for nothing that moving house is a byword for stress. If you’ve bought a house, you move less regularly – often only when life changing events make it necessary, like a sudden change in job or financial status, the growth of your family, or to accommodate your needs in retirement. Though it doesn’t […]

Gardening Tips


The majority of the human population still stays in rural areas. These people have access to large tracks of land on which they can practice agriculture. For urbanites, this is not the same case. Except for the superrich, the bulk of us is condemned to die to live in these “concrete” jungles where having a […]

Karndean Designflooring – Leading the World in Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Karndean Design flooring is a global leader in luxury vinyl flooring. Established in 1973 in UK, the brand has grown to become a formidable presence worldwide including Asia, Australia, New Zealand and USA. Karndean showcases some of the best flooring designs replicating natural materials! Floors display a stunning resemblance to natural materials including wood, glass, limestone, […]