Masculine bedroom designs

When designing a bedroom for men, rather than women, typically strong, bold colors and clean lines are introduced. It’s important however not to forget that this is an area designated for relaxing and sleeping, as well as a style statement. A successful design for the décor will blend softer tones and muted shades with items of furniture or accessories that make a stronger statement and create a manly atmosphere. Here are a few ideas for getting that bachelor pad look in the masculine bedroom.


The minimalist approach


To achieve the minimalist, simple lines so favored by contemporary designers, the key is to avoid creating clutter or making the room look too busy with patterns and conflicting colors. For example, a plain floor, perhaps in dark brown or gray, and a feature wall of the same color in a bedroom contrast well with paler painted walls and ceiling. Avoid fussy wallpapers and opt for a few pieces of good quality, really lovely furniture that will complement the look. Furniture that provides decent storage is a must, and if the chest of drawers matches or complements the closet, so much the better. It’s best not to put too much furniture in the room, or it will immediately look overstuffed.


A king size bed will definitely create the focal point, and how it is dressed is also part of the design plan. Bed linen is usually plain and the colors are complementary to the décor of the room. This is relatively easy to achieve as white or cream colors are almost always used somewhere in the bedroom, so bed linen that fits with those spectrums will work fine. If patterns are used at all, stripes or geometric shapes look better than floral designs.


Lighting and windows


Daylight in a bedroom gives it a fresh, airy aspect so the more window space there is the better. When evening comes it’s important to make sure the lighting is such that a cozy warm interior is created. The use of lighting supplies like wall lights, including uplighters, remain a popular alternative along with bedside lamps and floor lights to soften the impact of overhead lighting, which can sometimes be rather harsh. Dimmers, of course, will help reduce any too-bright lights.


Drapes on a bedroom window can spoil the masculine look unless they are carefully chosen and relatively plain. Blinds and shutters help showcase windows and doors and there are lots of different styles and materials to choose from when deciding on the look and color scheme. Venetian blinds have good contours, especially the wooden variety, whereas Roman blinds that fold upwards when open are more ‘girly’ in appearance, even when hung in plain colors.




While designs for feminine boudoirs are often romantically inclined, featuring deep pile floor coverings and flowing drapes, masculine designs don’t usually opt for frilly cushions or stuffed animals heaped on the bed. Instead, remember to choose really lovely furniture and keep surfaces clear – except perhaps for the occasional architectural sculpture to match a few pieces of contemporary art for the walls. These are the finishing touches to a perfect masculine bedroom.


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