Low-Impact Renovations That Will Help You Love Your Home

High impact renovations take a long time to finish and can displace you from your home. They are also, in most cases, not necessary in the slightest. You can live comfortably and beautifully in your own walls (and save on the high cost of knocking them down).

All you need is to know which areas of your home need the most TLC, and, more importantly, how you can achieve the same effect of a high-impact renovation with a few great low-cost solutions:


Repainting Your Home


If the paint is peeling or dingy looking then a good repaint is exactly what it needs. Don’t be afraid of dark colors, either, as these can help make rooms pop with personality so long as your décor is suitable to balance out the richness of the walls.


Changing the Fixtures


Want to give your cupboards, bathrooms, and rooms an instant refresh? Then simply invest in new fixtures. These are easy to install and can add your own personal touch to a space very quickly. You can find these fixtures easily at any home store. You could even repurpose items for an antique feel. From old cupboard handles to a new retro outdoor light, your fixtures are like the icing on the cake of your new home.


Installing Custom Shelves


Custom shelves are great for out-of-the-way storage. Ideally, they should be placed in awkward areas where you wouldn’t want to put furniture so that you can store everything away neatly and without blockading your floor space.


From closet shelving to floating shelves, there are a lot of options when you are ready to invest in adding storage in your property.


Low-Impact Kitchen Remodels


A low-impact kitchen remodel can range anywhere from repainting the cupboards and shelves to replacing the counter. If you really need the whole thing gutted, then look to kitchen and bath remodeling by Mosby, which guarantees a great redesign on the existing floorplan of your kitchen. No walls to knock down means that the project can be done fast and to beautiful results.


Low-Impact Bathroom Remodels

The same applies to your bathroom. If you simply need to give your bathroom a facelift and don’t wish to change around the floor plan, you can easily give it a few key updates. Even just gutting the grout and replacing it can give your bathroom an instant refresh. Other great ideas for a low-impact renovation include replacing the shower curtain with a shower door, repainting the cabinetry, or replacing the taps and other fixtures to more beautiful and high-end ones.


Low Impact Curb Appeal Improvements


If you want to quickly, cheaply, and easily improve your curb appeal then start first with your door and your garage. Consider how planters can improve your curb appeal drastically. From adding a rose bush that will eventually grow around your porch, to adding flower beds outside of your window. There are many ways you can improve your curb appeal without ripping up your lawn to install custom features.

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