How to Run a Successful Furniture Store

Generally speaking, furniture stores should be some of the leading businesses out there due to the fact that furniture is constantly in demand for everyone. Despite that being the case, only few places succeed but why is that?

Well, there aren’t a certain set of rules that work for some and not for others, however, there are certain principles such as value for money and unbeatable customer service that certainty keep the successful ones in business. But, what other factors help to make the business grow in such a competitive market, well let’s find out…


The problem with most furniture stores is that they are set in their ways. The industry itself is a traditional one at that and as a result, owners aren’t always willing to get with the times but that’s where they are going wrong. It crucial in the over populated market that you’re getting name out. With furniture especially, advertising is not expensive, consider if you sell one suite, you’re likely to cover your monthly costs with some to spare.

There are many ways to get your company out there whether its paid social media adverts on Facebook or Instagram, Pay Per Click on Google AdWords or even SEO techniques. Many SEO specialists like VICTORIOUS can assist you in marketing your store. You may check this site out to know how Spotify advertising can help your business. The key is to know your market and how they will best interact with your brand and products. If you’re looking to improve technical SEO by adding structured data, open graph tags, and the like, you can check out this web maintenance service here for great help!

Running a business is not easy. More than ever before, it’s crucial that brands adopt the most innovative techniques to get ahead of competitors in the online world and get more website traffic. Having a trusted marketing agency like digital marketing Brisbane, they can turn your ideas into big realities, all through focus-driven digital campaigns and techniques.

The biggest thing to bear in mind when you run a furniture store is to always localize your marketing. And to help you redesign and configure your current marketing fleet with the latest technological advances that bring a modern, reconfigured interior for optimal experiential marketing, Craftsmen does stadium graphics to promote your company and your products!

There’s no point advertising to London if you’re running a rattan furniture Manchester store as you aren’t going to get the footfall or sales when someone could use a nearby stockiest. Setting yourself aside in your message always helps more than you’d think. Using an Australia taxi truck service and offering free delivery (even if you bump up your overall costs to include the delivery cost) or a free accessory, goes a long way in generating a sale.

It’s All in The Quality

Even if you have the best marketing campaign in the world, if you don’t have the furniture to back it up then you won’t make the sales. Offering quality cane furniture, sofa sets, armchairs or other home furnishing will attract custom and give you the trust of a reputable company. Always remember to not skimp on materials or craftsmanship, and add new lines each season to keep customers coming back – you might not spike someone’s attention first time round but the new lines may catch them. Offering fabric options, customization options or choices makes the whole process a more personal service and can give people exactly what they want. Furthermore, the showroom displays you create have so much more than effect than what people think. Just chucking loads of furniture in a room even if they’re spaced out, is a poor way to show off your ranges. Here, take a leaf out of IKEA’s book. Create the home for the person so they can visual the piece in their own home.

Get the Prices Right

Getting the price right is one of the toughest things to do. You need to be competitive so you don’t turn away your customers but you always can’t undersell yourself as you not only will look like your products are cheap but you also won’t make much profit after all of the outgoings. It pays here to know your market. When you run a patio garden furniture retail store, you should offer prices that are in keeping with your location and the demographic that you are targeting. Offering too low or too high a price will make you less competitive. By streamlining your operation and offering only basics at your furniture store, you can whittle your price down and offer bargains and discounts.

The Sales Team

Getting your furniture into stockists is a massive job and arguably the most profitable one for your company. Whilst you of course need a trained sales team in the shop to push through B2C sales, the top sales executives on your teams need to be hitting B2B, and hitting it hard. They need to have the confidence to sell your products and company to get potential buyers on board with what you have. They need to know all of the price points and have an unbeatable product knowledge. They should always know where your advertised items are located, and the price you are offering. Customers appreciate a salesperson who goes out of their way to help them. This approach can also help towards establishing long-term relationships and garner customer loyalty. As you know, customer loyalty translates into future sales and creating a favorable word of mouth buzz.

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