How to Properly Measure Your Space for a Paint-Grade Fire Door

The installation of fire doors is a serious matter. These doors can be the determining factor between life and death for the people in a structure that has caught fire. Because of this, the BS 9999 and the BS 9991 were created to ensure that all fire-related concerns, including the space necessary and other specificationsfor firedoors, are standardizedas an international fire code. What are the BS 9999 and the BS 9991?


BS 9999


Provides general recommendations and guidance for the design, management and use of buildings, ensuring effective fire protection for all people in and around buildings. It is applicable to new buildings and to alterations, extensions and changes of use of an existing building. Covers the entire life cycle of a building, using a risk assessment approach and risk profiles. Maria from fire doors specialist Doors Galore said “Looks at means of escape and evacuation strategy, access and fire-fighting facilities, building structure including load and non-load bearing elements and special risk protection. Check out the best fire suppression systems for industrial businesses.


BS 9991


BS 9991 is intended to help people put suitable fire safety measures in place in residential buildings, such as; fire detection and alarm systems, fixed fire-fighting systems, enhanced fire barriers from and so on. It gives recommendations and guidance on the design, management and use of residential buildings so they achieve reasonable standards of fire safety for people who are in and around them and fire-fighters.



How to Properly Measure the Spacing for Your Fire Door


Why is the spacing on a fire door so important? Does it really matter? Absolutely, it does! The spacing for a fire door is crucial because these doors are meant to stop smoke and flames from spreading. Flames and smoke spread because of airflow and doors that are not fire-rated may let too much air through large gaps that would allow for the spread of the flames.


Use a door gap tool or an appropriate piece of material to gauge the width of the gaps as you do your inspections. There are many different types of door gap tools available on the market.


  1. Determine the Type of Material of Your Door and Frame


Is the door you are measuring a metal hollow core door? Is it a solid wood door? What is the frame composed of? These answers are crucial to know the gaps that need to be present as dictated by the BS 9999 and BS 9991. These clearances must be throughout the entire vertical lengths of the doors, as well as the horizontal gaps on the top and bottom.


  1. Insert the Door Frame Spacer Between the Door and Frame


Always measure the gaps from the pull side of the door. Take your measuring tool and insert it in the latch edge, then the hinge edge of the door, finishing with the top edge. Run the tool the entire length and width of the door to make sure that the gap is consistent throughout the entire door.


  1. Insert the Tool Underneath the Door


Maximum tolerances are determined for the space between the bottom of the door and the floor on all fire doors. Consult the manufacturers specification as well as the fire code to determine the right spacing. Commercial resin flooring specialists provide fire-resistant floors


Other Considerations When Measuring the Spaces on a Fire Door


  1. The Space Between a Pair of Doors


Depending on the size of the doors and the materials which the doors are made of, the clearance between two doors will vary but to measure the gap, it should be inspected from the pull side of the door. If there is an astragal in the way, it can be measured from the other side, however, if the doors are slightly bevelled, you need to take this information into account.


  1. Continuous Hinges


If continuous hinges are present on any of the fire doors that you are inspecting, there is no need to measure the gap between the hinge side and the wall. There will be sufficient gap stoppage by way of the hinge itself, but it must meet fire-rated standards to pass inspection.



Ensure Your Paint-Grade Fire-Rated Doors are Properly Installed


Fire doors are a crucial safety point and must be installed properly for them to do what they are designed for. If you are having a commercial fire damage restoration or a residential disaster restoration like for instance a fire restoration, make sure to measure the spaces between the door and the frame with these tips to ensure that the door can pass its inspection.



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