How to Pick the Best Kitchen Countertops for Your Home

Are you thinking of upgrading your kitchen? No matter whether you are just simply looking to freshen up your kitchen or you are planning to do it before putting it up for sale, upgrading is a fantastic addition to any property. If you did not already know, a major kitchen remodel, with new countertops from websites like, can provide you with a whopping average return of 91% at resale! Many people who are selling their home tend to update their kitchen first as this is the room that can dramatically increase the value of your home when it is put on the market.

Why is this? Well, you will probably already know yourself that the kitchen is the heart of the home and where we tend to spend much of our time with both friends and family. However, during this time in which you are making all of these amazing memories with friends and family, it is the worktops that tend to pay the biggest price a this is the area of the home in which we dump all of our mail onto, make countless meals and rest our elbows during those fun chats with our loved ones. The worktops in a kitchen can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of it and so it is important that you spend some time doing research into what will be the best kitchen worktops for you and your lifestyle, Spice Kitchen & Bar has incredible articles about the different countertops that will fit your needs perfectly.


Here, we are taking you through the main components that you need to keep in mind when you are selecting new kitchen worktops. Carry on reading to find out more!


The biggest factor in any kitchen redesign or upgrade is always the budget. As you will probably already know, kitchens can be extremely expensive and money can run away very quickly simply by adding small features. Before you know, the cost can become out of control and this is why it is so important that you have your budget and that you stick to it! When choosing new kitchen countertops, the price range can vary quite dramatically depending on the type of material that you choose to use. It tends to be that the most affordable options are kitchen laminate worktops and tiles. These are fantastic materials to choose as they are affordable, look fantastic and laminate can even fantastically mimic the real look of some of the more expensive materials. Some of the higher-end options include granite, stone, and marble countertops.


The second factor that you will need to take into consideration when you are upgrading your kitchen worktops is the durability factor. It does not matter how big your budget is, you will still want to make sure that you get your money’s worth. No one wants to spend money on a kitchen worktop that falls apart quickly! However, you may not need the most durable material out of the picks and could easily get by with something in the middle. It really all depends on how much you use your kitchen!

If you are the type of person who rarely cooks and gets takeout most nights, then really, having the most durable kitchen worktops is not going to be a necessity for you. It is also not going to be a necessity for those who spend most of their time in their living room rather than their kitchen. However, if you enjoy cooking or simply just have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, have children who are running around spilling things and leaving items everywhere, or if you host dinner parties often at your home, then you may want to consider opting for the kitchen countertops that are a little more durable. If you are going to be putting your kitchen countertops through heel will heat, abrasions and impact, then you may have to opt for a more high-end material such as granite or quartz, however, most people will be able to still opt for other more cost-effective options such as laminate which you can get from


Next on our list of things that you should take into consideration when buying your next kitchen countertops is the maintenance of them. Remember, some materials will require you to reseal them, fix any scratches and you will need to be a lot more careful with everything that you do in the kitchen. If you opt for laminate material, you will need to make sure that you always use a cutting board as it can cut very easily, while butcher block material is sturdy, but it is scratched easily and needs varnish to help make it stain resistant. Solid surfacing on the other hand is resistant to most stains and any small scratches can be repaired easily, but marble can scratch extremely easily and is also easily damaged by heat. Furthermore, granite has to be resealed periodically, so it doesn’t stain and it can be chipped on the edge while quartz doesn’t need a whole lot of maintenance and although it can ship on its edges, it won’t be affected by heat and abrasions which is great. These quartz countertops are also incredibly versatile countertops surface due to the wide array of colors and patterns. If you prefer solid white or something that mimics the look of natural stone, there is a wide selection of White Quartz for sale to suit your taste.


Finally, the last factor that you will need to take into consideration when you are buying new kitchen counter worktops is their appearance. After you have got the more boring factors out of the way with maintenance, durability and cost, you can then start to have fun as you will be free to choose what new kitchen counter worktops that you want! Sorting out this other important information beforehand means you will be able to already narrow down your search by eliminating certain materials. Now, you get to enjoy the fun part as you will be choosing the pattern, style, colour and veining that you want in your countertops for your upgraded kitchen.

When you are doing this, we would recommend that you think about the style of the kitchen that you already have. Although you may love the style of a certain kitchen worktop, there is no point in choosing this if it does not match with the rest of the style and décor in the kitchen already, Take into consideration what you already have in your kitchen and find kitchen countertop colours that compliment your floors and cabinets as this is what will tie everything together and provide you with an exceptional looking kitchen. Our top tip is to make sure that you visit a showroom first before you fully commit to it so you can how the material looks in a finished kitchen as this will give you a good idea of what exactly it looks like, what it feels like as they will all feel different to the touch, and also just simply how you feel about it when you see it as a finished product.

Now you are ready to choose the kitchen countertops that will fit perfectly in your home and will be the best suited to your lifestyle! Ultimately, if you are looking to upgrade your kitchen on a budget, we would recommend that you opt for laminate as this is a cost-effective material that is durable and looks fantastic.

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