How to Keep Pests Away During the Summers

It is summer and finally time for all the picnics and barbecue parties at home. Now, if you do not want to ruin all the fun, focus on responsible pest control and start from now. Ants in a line or mosquitoes in a swarm along with cockroaches, spiders, rodents and more, what else do you need to spoil all the fun? Try to keep away all the critters and bugs for some non-stop fun this summer.


Useful pest control practices


The following are some of the most effective pest control practices that you must follow.


  1. Restrict the entry of all pests


The first step that you should take up is to not let any pest enter your home in any possible way. Run a thorough check on all the walls and corners of the house. Raise an alarm as soon as you see even a tiny hole. Such tiny holes are enough space for termites and other pests to enter your home. Inform the pest control service people about these entryways and they will take care of these.


  1. Keep your kitchen clean


If you want to keep away ants, try not to leave any food bits or crumbs on the kitchen surface or anywhere else there. Ants, cockroaches and other such pests attack kitchens more than any other place. Make sure that you do not leave any kind of precious treasures for them in your home or kitchen. To prevent such problems, wipe and clean the counters daily, put food in airtight containers, clean the floors and keep garbage away from your house.


  1. No standing water


Mosquitoes breed the most where there is standing water. Keeping still water stored in the house means you are directly inviting mosquitoes to make families there. It may happen that you have missed a place that has standing water due to the rain last week. Make sure that you stroll around at least every alternative day to keep a check on such areas. Also, check if there are any leaks around your AC units. Try to clean any scattered stuff that can hold water in them.


  1. Eat fruits and vegetables while they are fresh


Do not leave fruits and vegetables in the kitchen until it ripens too much. Fruit flies look for such opportunities and attack your kitchen. To stay safe and prevent such insects, make sure you eat all your raw foodstuffs while they are still fresh and ripe.


  1. Storing firewood


Storing wood means allowing termites to enter your home gradually. Of course, it is necessary to store firewood, but try not to keep them within or near the shed or your house. Store the fire-woods at least 5-6ft away from your home. Also, keep the woods on racks that do not touch the ground. In this way, the termites will not find a surface easily and the distance will prevent them from entering your home.


Final thoughts:


Home is the place where we find shelter and feel safe. With pests and termites around, the safety is lost already and it is also an embarrassment in front of guests. Follow these common practices to prevent pest problems at home.


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