How to Clean an Office Dusting, Removing Trash & Vacuuming for Commercial Cleaners

As a professional commercial cleaner who is in business for more than a decade, I assure you that our experiences in this trade had taught us the moral of following simple cleaning steps in delivering what the customer had paid for. I will site these simple steps to you and we hope that you will find it helpful.  

Before you begin your profession as an office cleaner, you need to gather all the tools and equipment that you need to perform the job. This includes personal safety tools like gloves and goggles from the best commerical cleaning supply company. As a safety precaution, always check the condition of the power cords before using electric equipment. Check to see if the vacuum bag or the filter needs to be replaced. Bags should be replaced when they are half full. Move counterclockwise to the work area picking up obvious trash lying around as you go. Be careful not to discard items that may be left on the floor but it’s not intended to be thrown away. As the cleaner empty the trash cans, check and see if the liner is wet or torn and replace them as needed. Disinfect the trash cans, replace the liners with the correct size of the bag, and return the trash can to its original place. Separate trash from recycling. This can be made easier by having clear-mark containers. Take a look at these cheap skip bins Brisbane as your office may need it. You can also add some outdoor litter bins so dealing with outside garbage will never be an issue! Commercial cleaners normally begin the routine cleaning in the restroom. When you clean the restroom, make sure that you have all the cleaning chemicals that you need and that you are wearing protective gloves. Always use a window or glass cleaner when cleaning mirrors or glass. Other types of cleaners can cause smearing. Always start with a mirror when cleaning restrooms. Spray the cleaner on the mirror, sink, and counter. Wipe off the spot from dust with a towel.  

Make sure that the sink is free of hair, soap, and spots. Move to the counter and make sure that you wipe it to free it from dust and dirt. When you notice something that requires special attention to the toilet, make sure to notify your supervisor in the next 24 hours.   As a commercial cleaner, you are also expected to dust. There are many dusting tools in the market that works well. Our favorite is microfiber rugs. You can also get synthetic or lamb’s wool dusters, feather dusters, or dusting attachment for vacuum cleaners. It is best to use lint-free dusting cloths too for healthier indoor air quality. These methods trapped most of the dust instead of making the dust airborne. Always dust high level first and then work your way down. To eliminate any health risk and prevent the growth of bacteria, hiring Portland’s reputable duct cleaning company is essential.  

Office cleaning and commercial floor cleaning companies in Miami train their employees on how to make their cleaning solutions  properly diluted. The best way to achieve this is by using a dispensing system. Use disinfectant on high touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and telephones. Allow the disinfectant to dwell before wiping clean will eliminate the germs. Most of the disinfectant dwells after a 5-minute mark. Clean the tabletops and glass interiors.  

Commercial cleaners are also taught how to dispose of trash properly to their designated area to maintain pest control. Now that the area has been dusted, spot cleaned, and the trash has been thrown, it is time to vacuum. Start with the entranceway mat and remove them and vacuum underneath also. Vacuum high traffic paths and any visible debris in the office area. Vacuum under the desk and underneath the trash cans and under furniture and then replace them back to their original positions. Vacuum all air vents as required too if your ac is functioning properly, otherwise you will have to get a residential air conditioning replacement since a malfunctioning unit may be the cause of dust accumulating in the room, but if you cannot reach your vents all by yourself or don’t know how to access them, call duct cleaning services to get rid of all the dust that has built up in there. Replace vacuum bag and filter at least every two hours. After this, you need to properly dispose of the soiled bags.

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