How To Choose The Right Bed

It is important to find the right bed for each and every one of us but bed size really matters. A suitable size for your bed makes the difference between a comfortable bed and one that is not adequate. There are two main aspects to consider when choose the right bed, the space of the bedroom and the measurements of the body of the person who is going to use it.

What space do you have in your room?

This is the first point to consider, since it makes no sense to buy a bed that you cannot adjust in your room. For this, you must take the measurements of your space, and always keep in mind that you must leave a space around the bed of at least 50 centimeters (or half a meter), this will guarantee you not only that you can comfortably access your bed, but also be able to perform the cleaning work thoroughly. Having the dimensions that you have, we move on to the next point in choosing your ideal mattress.

How to choose your bed

Single or common, twin, twin extra-large, double, queen, King, functional crib, are just some of the types of beds you can find in the world of rest. All have their characteristics and measures, the choice of one model and another will depend on the needs of each, taking into account the aspects mentioned above. A miscalculation or a small difference in size can make you feel you have thrown the money in the trash.

There are custom sized beds that will obviously fit perfectly, but keep in mind you will also need custom bedding and Billys Beds can make your own custom beds as your needs.

The bedding type twin are a good choice for children’s rooms to the guest room, etc. … Usually they come in the form of bunks or carry hidden under a bed, moving out and using it at your convenience by means of rollers. There are extra twin beds, which are one meter wide as the common twin but with the difference that it is two meters long, so it can be used by both adults and tall teenagers.

The beds Queen type, have a width of 1.50 m and a length of 2.00 m. These types of beds are very well suited to both the guest rooms and the master bedroom. One version of this bed is the Olympic Queen, slightly larger than the common one, although you may have trouble finding suitable bedding for it.

Finally, we want to talk about King Beds with a width of 1.98 m and 2.00 m long, the best choice for people of great height and size. This type of bed is widely used in hotels.


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