How to Be the Perfect Tenant

If you’re planning to move soon or maybe you just want to get along better with your landlord, it is important to be able to develop a good relationship. You may need them to items fixed, or even looking for a few days cushion on a rent payment that is due. Whatever the case, it is a good idea to get to know your landlord enough to where you can have a cordial relationship with them. Renting experts Realestatecondos provides their definition of a AAA tenant here.

One of the things that bother landlords the most is being consistently late on rent, damaging property, or not keeping things kept up such as the lawn or entrance area. They also don’t like people to move in and out of a place and not stay very long. All these things cost landlords money and they have to clean up and often rebuild areas of a home when someone moves out. Just a quick tip for landlords, I suggest that you consider hiring a letting agent. Then I also need to mention that I have been working with The Letting Game who are a Bristol letting agents and it’s been an incredible experience with a huge amount learnt about the letting market, so will report on that some more soon. For now, here are some things that tenants can do to stay on the good side of your landlord:

Pay Your Rent on Time

You may go your entire lease without dealing with your landlord, but as soon as the payments are no longer on time, you can expect constant pressure to pay and you better believe they will remember. There may be a grace period in your lease agreement, but once it’s past the due date, a late fee can be accessed based on a fixed price or even a percentage of your monthly rent. Landlords can also encourage on-time payments by setting up easy options such as online, avoiding the need for a certified check or money order. You can go to if you need to cash a check.

Keep Things Neat and Clean

A landlord likes tenants who take pride in the home that you are renting from them and who keep it in order. Don’t let dirt or dust pile up and keep things organized in such a way that they know you’re taking care of their house. Remember you don’t own it; they do so show respect to their property, if you are leaving you can hire end of tenancy cleaning london to leave everything nice and clean.

Alert of any Problems Right Away

This is one of the mistakes many tenants make. They wait too long to solve a problem and then it will cost much more to get it fixed. Most landlords state in their contract that they would like to know if anything goes wrong in the apartment so they can fix it as soon as possible. Be alert to potential problems and inform the landlord at the first sign of problems. Little repairs are not as expensive as larger one will be later. So, if you notice any cracks on the wall, you need to alert your landlord right away. This could mean that there is foundation damage that may require professional foundation repair services to do something like a Soft Story Retrofit. The landlord will then find and hire a foundation repair contractor who can provide professional home foundation repair services and take care of things for you as soon as schedules align.

Be Courteous

Of course, every now and then the music or movie surround sound system can get a little loud, but the more you can avoid receiving complaints the better the relationship you will have. When it comes to pets, try and respect the conditions of the contract, otherwise you could be facing financial penalties later on and could be at risk of losing your deposit. When it comes time to move on, let landlords know of any changes in your contact information and give plenty of notice so they can prepare for the next tenant.

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