How Should You Install The Wood Gazebo On A Grass Surface?

If you want to have a gazebo in your backyard, the option is available right now. It is so easy to buy cheap wood gazebo kits these days and installation is simple because of the way in which the kits are constructed. The only problem is that when you add the gazebo to a glass surface everything will be a little tricky. If this is your situation, do consider the advice below.

You First Have To Plan

Do be sure that you do not need some special permits. If they are required, it is easy to get them but you should not add the gazebo until the authorization is present. Also, you want to prepare the site where the gazebo will be installed. See what access is needed and check for the presence of water or electricity lines. Clear all the stones, bushes and obstacles that may get in the way.

The Grass Factor

When you add the gazebo on the grass you have to use solid footings that are normally made out of concrete. You sink them into the ground and you have to be sure that the depth is suitable for the size of the gazebo. Bumpy surfaces can be accommodated when needed by making supports of different heights.

 You decide footing numbers by determining summer house sides. The most common design is the hexagonal one. In this case you will need to build six main footings. Central footing will be necessary when you have a gazebo with a width longer than 5 feet. Make sure that you properly mark footing positions and that you double check to be sure that marking is done correctly.

Creating the supports of the gazebo is not at all difficult. There are many kits that are available at local DIY stores. Adding water to mixes is normally all that is needed. Just talk to a person at the store and tell them what you need. It is not difficult to follow the instructions that will be offered. Just remember that formers will be necessary to mold a correct depth and shape.

After your supports are ready and the concrete dried off a little, it is time to add the gazebo. This is where you want to spend as much time as is needed. What is very important is that the gazebo floor stays level. At the same time, support has to be proper at all times. After you set the concrete completely, it will be tough to make final adjustments.


As you can easily see, it is not at all difficult to install a gazebo. The process is really simple. The problem is that this is definitely not a one person project. You will need to be sure you always have access to all the tools and help you need. If you have doubts, the best thing that you can do is hire someone with experience to install the gazebo for you. The prices are going to be warranted since it is a guarantee that the project will be taken care of properly.

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