Hiring a Painter For Your Kitchen Cabinets is Worth It

One of the most popular remodels in homes today is in the kitchen. A great kitchen is often a “must-have” for many home buyers, and often current homeowners pine for a better version of whatever they have. But not everyone is up for a sledgehammer upgrade, either financially or structurally. One more affordable option is to paint the kitchen cabinets to give them a new life, you should hire an expert like the Intumescent Painting Contractors, if you would like to add a different style to your kitchen then take a look at kitchens springfield for some ideas.


While this may seem like a relatively easy project, the cost to paint kitchen cabinets yourself can slowly creep up. This is why even if you are normally a DIY enthusiast you might want to investigate some painting companies with the help of Angi, formerly known as Angie’s List so you can finally paint your custom cabinetry.

There’s More Than One Step to Painting Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to give your kitchen cabinets a fresh look, you’ll need to do more than run down to the hardware store and pick up a gallon of paint.

In addition to paint, you’d also need to strip any existing paint, sand the area, rent or buy equipment needed to complete the task, and assure that you have safety and protective equipment in order to finish the job, including masks like the n95 mask, drops cloths, and various cleanup supplies.

Since professional painters do cabinet painting on a regular basis, they already have many of these base materials in their arsenal. They also have experience. Since a great kitchen is one of the most highly sought-after features of a home, a professional job is more of a luxury than a necessity.


In order to paint yourself, it may cost you less than $50 for the paint, but other materials can easily add up. Prepping your surfaces properly can cost another $150 or more. Often extra repairs needed to the cabinets boost the price up even more and can potentially add hundreds to a DIY venture. After all this, you might not have the quality you are looking for, and it may even affect the resale value of your home.

Professionals Can Offer Services You May Not Realize You Need

When you hire a painter from Angi, you can also opt for contractors that can also provide other kitchen remodel services, such as replacing floors or countertops. If your contractor is already in your home, there is no need to do and pay for another project later on. There are plenty of industrial painters Perth that are multi-talented and can offer many home improvement options to help you get the most out of your money. You’ll also have the peace of mind that you have a qualified professional doing the work.


If you are sticking to painting the cabinets, most areas will have painters available to do the job for less than $1000, which proves negotiable for other work you may need. This leaves you with more time to pursue your own interests and spend time with friends and family. To learn more about all the services you can get for your kitchen remodel, big or small, contact a home improvement professional from Angi today.


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