Health Problems That Can Be Caused By A Pipe Leak

A home pipe leak tends to appear exactly when you do not expect it. Unfortunately, it can easily cause a lot of damage, especially if the leak is not quickly noticed and a leak detection specialist is needed. Repair costs can be high but there is potential to have to deal with further damage, which should be avoided.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to quickly contact a plumber for a pipe repair in the event that a pipe leak is detected. Working with australian company Fix it Right Plumbing or similar professionals will get any pipe leak fixed. You want to do this to avoid costlier in the future but you also have to know about the health problems that can be caused by the presence of a pipe leak.

Health Symptoms And Effects

The big problems appear when asbestos, mold and fungi grow within the property. As this happens, it is easy for many to end up faced with respiratory problems, especially if the leaks are not solved or not noticed for a long time, that is why you should hire a company like ARCT | Asbestos Pipe Removal, Asbestos Roof Removal as soon as possible. The really common symptoms that appear are skin irritation, nose irritation, throat irritation, eye redness, respiratory infections, frequent sneezing or frequent coughing, fatigue and rashes.

All health symptoms can become worse in the event there are respiratory conditions that already exist, like asthma. Whenever a symptom appears or there is mold that is detected, it is important to react and fix leaks. Mold, when present, also has to be removed.

How Pipe Leak-Related Health Problems Develop

Most of the fungi and mold-related problems appear due to breathing in the harmful spores. These can easily fill air around the surfaces that are affected. They can also easily transfer from one surface to another, including skin contact.

While in most cases health problems develop in residential homes or schools since they offer really good breeding grounds for the harmful spores, the commercial properties that have a poor ventilation can easily be affected. Office buildings, for instance, have many air pollution sources that need to be taken into account. As an example, the mechanical ventilation systems are often not operated or designed in order to get adequate outdoor air amounts.

What Should You Do?

In the event that an asbestos or a mold problem is discovered in the home, the really important thing is to identify the source and finally look for the best asbestos removal and testing. In the vast majority of cases, the source is moisture that is found inside ceilings or walls. Hazardous spores simply cannot live if water is not present. Moisture can appear due to many different things, like being present around the water heaters, under the sinks or even having a leaky pipe inside the wall. Ask plumbers like LaVergne’s Plumbing to check and do an underground leak repair for you.

The huge problem with the pipe leaks is that they are usually identified when damage is already substantial. This is something to be aware of since even the minor pipe leaks can easily cause huge mold problems. Also, it is common to notice that the pipe leak is discovered only after people inside the home are affected by respiratory problems or other symptoms like those mentioned above.

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