Give Your Bathroom a Makeover That Won’t Cost the Earth

When it comes to upgrading the home, the bathroom is often the last place that gets attention, particularly when you are on a tight financial budget. Yet there are some simple bathroom remodeling projects you can take over a weekend that will give your bathroom a lease of life without breaking the bank. You may also hire a bathroom remodeling services contractor to help you achieve your dream bathroom.

A recent survey by UK property experts Rightmove found that an unloved bathroom is the single biggest turn-off when viewing a property. You can visit a bath showroom in Weybridge to see decors you like first. You might not be planning on moving right now, but it certainly provides food for thought – what do your guests think when they go to “wash their hands?” Here are five top tips for a bathroom you can be proud to show off.

Granite tops

There is no doubt that a granite counter top looks amazing and gives a real high-end quality feel. But surely it also costs the earth? Not necessarily, if you shop smart at discount granite slabs from Granite Liquidators. Neutral colours are all the fashion at the moment, meaning that these are the ones that cost the most. Yet you can still keep that muted base color in the rest of the room and choose a brightly coloured counter top. Not only will it be cheaper, but it will also provide a great contrast in the overall bathroom design.

You might also consider buying a top with damage or imperfections. This will be heavily discounted, and if the damage is in the area you will be cutting out for the sink, then the final result will look perfect.

A little paint goes a long way

Nothing freshens up a room like a fresh coat of paint. Anyone can learn to paint a room and achieve a professional finish. Just make sure you choose a good-quality paint that is moisture resistant and ideally one that is designed specifically for kitchens and bathrooms. You can also get special ceiling paint that is designed to prevent the growth of mould.

New fixtures and accessories

Replacing things like light fittings, taps, towel rails and toothbrush holders can be done easily and cheaply. A look at the different taps from Better Bathrooms gives you an idea of just how many designs there are to choose from. If you need an extra help on adding, replacing or repairing your bathroom fixtures, never hesitate to call a bathroom repair service.

Clean and freshen the grout

Here is a tip that costs very little but makes a real difference. A tiled wall looks great, but can be let down by dirty, cracked or messy caulk and grout. Spend an afternoon cleaning and re-grouting – it can be a fiddly job, but is not difficult and the rewards speak for themselves. To learn more visit this website today!

Save money and the environment with green upgrades

As a final point, it is well worth bearing in mind that in addition to making your bathroom look great, there is plenty you can do that will also save resources, including those in your wallet!

If you decide to change your toilet, replace the cistern with a low-flow model to conserve water and save you money. There is also the bonus that water-saving taps and shower heads are usually no more expensive, and sometimes cheaper, than conventional ones. In addition, if your restroom is out of order for days, you may consider hiring a porta potty service for temporary restrooms for your home.

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