Get Your Bachelor Kitchen Design Basics Right With Timber Bench Tops

The kitchen is a place for gathering and socialising with these activities often focused around food. But that doesn’t mean you have to cook the food yourself.

Many bachelors these days either do not have the time or choose not to prepare and cook in their kitchens. Luckily, the kitchen design market can cater for their needs just as much as the avid cook. And by opting out of buying expensive cooking equipment and appliances, these canny bachelors can free up the budget to pay for the really fun stuff available for today’s no-cook kitchen.

Almost any design and style will certainly 1st remember to consider the type of works by using that may be estimated on the complete area. With living rooms, the actual works by using may be alternatively diverse based on the specific or maybe loved ones in question. For instance if the kitchen are going to be used solely with regard to functional purpose for example cooking and safe-keeping, then the design and style will reflect this kind of. In that format, range, fridge in addition to cupboard rooms may well be more prominent in comparison with small shelving in addition to just about all covering kitchen’s decor such as an is that has a built-in range major in addition to freezer cooler. Even so if the kitchen’s are going to be used for simply just essential prep in a very bachelor residence, the style will certainly reflect the general utilize.

Getting started

Owning up to being a non-cook is an important first step in defining how you intend to use your kitchen. Take time to talk to a kitchen designer about your lifestyle. Do you like entertaining? What gadgets do you want? What are your favourite materials – do you prefer granite or timber bench tops from markettimbers.com.au for instance?

Learning about layout

Most kitchens contain certain key elements – storage, counter space and cooking/refrigeration facilities. Kitchen islands are also very popular as they lend themselves well to today’s open plan designs. Even if you don’t cook a single dish in your kitchen, you still need cupboards to put things in like your favorite kewpie mayo and counter tops to serve food. Kitchen islands can also provide extra space for socialising and a place to install under a counter refrigerator – your very own beer and wine larder!

Design certifications throw open some sort of regarding expert options. In addition to being any artist for just a large agency, any company or maybe working your agency, task opportunities include:

Center Supervisor

Income Rep

Arranged Custom

Area Planner

In line with the You. Ohydrates. Bureau regarding Work Figures (BLS), task opportunities are expected growing 20 percent through 08 in order to 2018, faster than the average for all employment. With home owners, businesses and also builders’ rising curiosity about durability, there’s also a money regarding probable for many who are experts in “green” design.

Gadgets galore

While there may be plenty of tasty items on offer for the keen cook, those who prefer to just eat needn’t feel left out.

Invest in a really good coffee maker – an essential kick start in the morning. A boiling water tap is also a great buy and looks much smarter than a kettle.

Another luxury item for the perfect host is a good quality cocktail set. Add to the party pad by positioning a music dock in the centre of the action. Think carefully about the lighting you install, as you want to have the flexibility to create different moods.

And without wanting to stray into actual cooking territory, it can be helpful to have the capacity to make a straightforward dish like a weekend breakfast. Buy a toaster oven and you’ll be able to toast, roast and reheat anything you need. If you won’t do it for yourself then do it in anticipation of the fact that you may not always be a bachelor!

Colour charts

If you want a really manly look then it’s best to stick to a neutral palate with natural, textured materials. Leather, stone, steel and wood work really well for a masculine effect. Keep the look light and airy by choosing bright colours. Avoid a bland appearance by opting for colours and materials which contrast. Wood is an excellent choice as it provides variety next to white or other light coloured walls.

Bench topsfrom markettimbers.com.auare a popular choice for many men because they combine the earthiness of a natural product without sacrificing style or durability. The combination of timber bench tops and wooden floors can make a real style statement. An added bonus is that if you drop glassware on a wooden floor there’s a good chance it will survive.

To get a kitchen that meets your needs, be clear on your requirements and spend on the elements that reflect your brief. Just don’t get duped into buying professional cookware – save it for the pool table instead!

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