Garden Transformation: 4 Ways to Attract Tenants

As a landlord, it can be difficult to know what your tenants are looking for, especially when it comes to your outdoor spaces. Whether you are looking to impress your potential new tenants or believe that tenants are looking for an easily maintainable space whatever the season.

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Here are some top tips that will make your garden the deciding factor for your potential new tenants.

Install a Water Feature

Although you might believe that you do not need to invest in fancy features for your garden to attract the interest of tenants, installing a waterscape feature can help you to stand out among the dozens of houses that your viewers will be looking at. Water features can help to make your garden look impressive while also being one of the most easily maintainable options, unlike if you were to dig large flowerbeds for the use of your tenants. At, their selection of ponds, water features, and even lighting can help you to ensure that every element of your rental property matches your tenant’s preferences and needs. For expert installation and maintenance, consider consulting Sugar Green Gardens to ensure your waterscape feature adds the perfect touch to your property.

Add a Patio

As a landlord, it can be difficult to find the balance between easy maintenance and an attractive aesthetic, and a patio can help you to do both. Using a Portable Patio Deck Kit will allow you to create a useful space for your tenants to connect with the outdoors without getting their feet dirty. Not only will it give them an additional living space, but patios can also reduce the amount of upkeep that your tenants will need to perform on your garden by lessening the grassy areas of your property. You may also add some hardscaping features in addition to a patio, while you can also hire Baton Rouge pests to keep your patio and your garden pest free.

Consider Artificial Grass

There are both pros and cons for artificial grass if you are a landlord. Artificial and putting greens may be a win for commuters or those that do not have a lot of time to spend on the maintenance of your garden. However, many large families look for homes with real grass, which can help their kids to indulge in nature as soon as they set foot outside. If you do decide to opt for artificial grass alternatives, you should make sure that you choose grass with a dense pile and with a height of over 25 mm. There are also some premium quality aesthetic fake grass carpet systems are that designed to feel as close to real grass. Why don’t you try them?

Invest in a Screen

If you are renting out a small property, it is likely that you will be using the garden for other purposes than pleasure, such as for storage. However, this can make your garden look disorganized and unattractive for your tenants. Rather than let your garden become a purely practical space, you should consider hiding this by investing in security screens to separate its different areas. One of the best materials for this is a wooden lattice, as you can then grow climbing plants up the frame, which can make the fixture look as natural as possible.

Transforming your garden for the use of tenants can be difficult to get right, with landlords looking to create a welcoming and yet impersonal space that can then be filled and adapted to a tenant’s preferences. However, with this guide, you will soon be able to install features that both you and your tenants will love and benefit from.

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