Flowers that last longest in a bouquet

Buying flowers for someone is an excellent way of telling them how special they are. Flowers are also a great way of conveying a message; get well soon, happy birthday, happy Valentine’s Day. One of the best things about flowers is their ability to add a splash of colour to the life of the person receiving them.

Of course, all cut flowers eventually die, but certain bouquets of flowers last longer. If you want to get the best value for your money, and want the person receiving the flowers to have the benefit of them for longer, then it makes sense to choose longer lasting flowers for the bouquet you are sending. Here are some flowers you may want to consider.


These flowers are arguably the longest lived of any cut blooms. Tests have shown that zinnia can last up to twenty four days in vase if they are cared for property and the water in the vase is changed every two days.


Orchids do not just have an air of class about them they can also last a long time in a vase as long as they are cared for correctly. All varieties of orchids can last up to three weeks but the strongest variety to choose is the cymbidium which has less fragile blooms than other orchids. As the flowers in an orchid bouquets begin to fade they should be plucked off in order to keep the strength in the stem for the remaining blooms.


Delphiniums are stunning flowers to have in a bouquet, with their vibrant purple and blue colouring. They can retain their vibrancy for up to fourteen days as long as they are looked after and not just abandoned as soon as they are placed in the vase.


If you want really long-lived blooms for a bouquet then chrysanthemums are a good choice. These popular flowers can last up to thirty days after being cut. As with all fresh flowers it’s important that chrysanthemums are taken care of in order to make them last as long as possible. Unlike some fresh flowers which require a vase water change only every other day, chrysanthemums need to have the water in the vase charged every day. It’s also a good idea to trim their stems every day. For this reason, if you choose chrysanthemums for a bouquet, you should opt for ones with long stems.


These flowers will last for up to ten says in bouquets and they are stunning to look at. One thing you have to remember is that these blooms drink a lot so it’s important to keep a careful watch on the level of water in the vase.


You may not immediately recognise the name of these flowers, but if we refer them as the bird of paradise you will know exactly the flowers we are referring to. These blooms are very distinctive and they can also stay fresh for up to two weeks if they are given the appropriate level of care.

You can see that there are plenty of flowers to choose from if you want a bouquet to last. As long as the person receiving the bouquet takes care of it all of these blooms can give pleasure for at least two weeks.

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