Few Important Factors That Transform Your Adobe To An Eco-Friendly One

There have been rounds of discussion about the steps and the initiatives that can reduce the carbon footprint. Opting for a green house or an eco-friendly house is a simple initiative that you can undertake, and contribute to save natural resources and have a positive effect on the environment as a whole. The concept of green building dates back to 1970s, due to the rise of the oil prices across the globe. During the 1990s, a number of organizations vouched for the green buildings and started educating customers regarding the benefits of the same and also these buildings contribute to saving money. Of late, you can avail loans and funds to make your home energy efficient and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Change your lifestyle

To make your adobe eco friendly start with small and simple steps rather than the drastic ones. Imbibing the change in the lifestyle is important as it can help, in the long run, to save energy and other natural resources and also reduce your monthly bills. A simple step towards making your house eco-friendly is, assess the use of the light bulb and the appliances. While purchasing the appliances make sure that those are energy efficient. They need to have a logo or any other sign to prove that they meet the specification of the government.

Conduct an energy audit

You can also replace the incandescent bulbs with the Compact Fluorescent Light. Initially, the CFLs might cost you much but the energy consumed is less than that of the incandescent bulbs. To know the energy utility of each of the appliances and electrical product, you can conduct an energy audit. This helps to create a baseline to determine the energy usage of your home. The energy utility of each of the electrical outlet is recorded and assessment is done based on the report.

Reduce the water usage

Insulation is another important aspect of energy efficient homes. Cooling and the heating systems are the major contributors to the energy bills. Geothermal cooling and heating systems are one of the most effective systems available. The set up cost might be high than the average heating or cooling system, but you can notice a decrease in your energy bills. Reducing the water usage is another important step to make your house eco-friendly. Replace the high pressure nozzle with a low flow one. You can also clean these nozzles regularly to ensure a free flow of water.

Solar panel for your home

Use of solar panel is another step of going green with your house. They can serve as an alternative source of energy and reduce your monthly energy bill. Apart from this they also provide protection to the house from short circuits and fire caused due to electric appliances. Choosing a perfect roofing material is also important, that is where Chase Construction can help you. You can place the panels on the roof in the direction east to west so that maximum solar energy is absorbed by the panels. The roofing material should be such that they reflect the radiant heat. You can ask professional roofing contractors about the best roofing material for this.

Maximum utilization of natural resources

The eco-friendly houses have a host of advantages attached to them. If you are planning to have a green house, then you need to start with a design or plan of a house that ensures maximum utilization of natural resources. As this reduces dependency in the insulation procedures and helps to save energy and money. Construction pattern is important for any energy efficient house. A home constructed with regular materials and painted with regular paints can lead to the emission of harmful gases. But with the use of recycled timber or harvested products the chances of emission of greenhouse gas is low.

Safety is ensured

A green home ensures improved quality of air and maximum utilization of sunlight. This keeps germs and other harmful elements that cause various diseases at bay. Generally high quality gadgets like smoke detectors and equipment to detect the emission of harmful gasses are installed in these houses. Thus, these houses are safe and since they are made of durable material, maintenance of the houses is easy and incurs fewer expenses. If your house is a certified one, then it also increases the resale values of the same.

Use biodegradable cleansers

You can also include a touch of green to each of the room of your house. For instance, wood or laminated wood flooring for the bathrooms, replacing the shower curtains of the bathrooms, including organic fabrics for upholsteries, pillows and cushions. Small changes can also be made in the way you clean your house and the different things in it. Common household cleaning agents have harmful chemical in them and contribute to pollution. Instead, you can also biodegradable cleansers as they also increase the life of various elements. Recycling the household waste is another small step. You can contact waste removal swansea management body in this regard.
Author Bio: Steve Kane is a proud owner of an eco-friendly house. He has enlisted the steps that one needs to take to have a green home. In LeadingHomeSecurity.com, you can find a detailed write-up by him on the same topic.

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