Drain blocked? Drain unblocker does the trick

Having a clogged or blocked drain unfortunately is known to many. Fixing it yourself is definitely preferred over hiring a professional to help you out. It is beneficial to know where your water shut off valve is located. But how do you tackle such a situation? There are numerous options when looking for an OSMA drain inspection chamber for sale, depending on the complexity of the drain blockage. Let’s dive into the options and learn what you can use to fix your problem.


Plunging or boiling water

Do you have a clogged kitchen sink? A way to tackle the issue is by plunging. This is a tool that can come in handy, but also comes wrapped as an intensive work-out. Plus, you have a chance of things getting messy. Other options? Sure. Try to remove as much water from the sink as possible. Afterwards, you can pour in boiling water into the drain. This could work, but often requires several attempts to make the drain unclog. When it comes to plumbing emergencies, though, it is best to set aside your tools and call in a professional Sydney plumber.


Why put in the effort when there is a hero to the rescue?

Plunging and boiling water over and over, that does not sound like an efficient idea. Luckily there is another way to do it fast and efficient. In your local home improvement store you are likely to find drain unblocker. This product can be poured into the clogged sink and will need some time to do its magic. After 30 minutes you should be able to use your sink again.


Good to know: using the unblocker does not damage your plastic pipes in the process.


Tailored products to your clogging needs

You would expect that there would by ‘one unblocker to rule them all’… turns out this is not the case! There is a variety of options when looking at the assortment of providers. Ranging from ‘normal’ unblockers to products specialized for kitchens and serious blockages in your drain.

You can take this into account when assessing the seriousness of your blockage. A professional plumber may also be needed for complex tasks such as septic tank pumping or sewer line repair. While a sewer line cleanout is meant to grant accessibility, you should leave its management to the professionals.

Do you only have a small clog?

You could also try other products that you can retrieve from a convenience store. For example, you can use baking soda or vinegar to unclog a sink. When this does not work out, you can always turn to drain unblocker liquid.


Many options, but a clear winner

There are many options to unclog your sink. If you want to go for the easiest way out, go for the liquid unblocker. Don’t want to go to a store and try it with the equipment you have at home? Try boiling water, baking soda or vinegar. If it does not help out, you know that drain unblocker is there to save your day. Those who encounter blocked drains frequently may need professional plumbing services from companies like Home Choice Plumbing; visit their website to hire one of their plumbers.

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