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Do You Know Which Amenities in Condos You Need the Most?

With new condos flooding the skylines of cities like Toronto, the number of amenities being offered continues to expand. The hard part for most developers and for that matter buyers is which amenities in condos you need the most. In reality, condo developers pride themselves on the number and types of amenities they offer. Some developers try to target a specific demographic, while others look towards attracting a wider share of the market. For condo owners who are renovating and doing some repairs to improve their building, consider to call the condo roof replacement in Sarasota, FL if you need any help with your roofing system.

If you are planning to move into a condo, you should start thinking about the type of amenities you want in conjunction with other factors such as location, size, and of course cost. Keep in mind that a part of your monthly maintenance fees goes towards paying for amenities, so be sure you factor this into your final decision. Consider these three up and coming amenities that are rapidly gaining in popularity as you search for your new condo.

Outdoor Recreation Space

Whether you have kids, a dog, or simply like the fresh air, outdoor recreation space is one of the most common amenities most people look for in a condo. But given the lack of available space in cities like Toronto, creating green space has risen to an all new level. All the way to the top of the building. Many condo developers are putting in rooftop gardens, dog parks, and playgrounds for the kids. You can also improve your child’s safety with an artificial turf play area, check it out here for more info! Now you can have a spectacular view of the city while relaxing on the roof of your condo building. If green space is important to you, be sure you factor this into your list of which amenities in condos you need the most. Newport Residences mixed development with Newport Tower and Newport Plaza will be unveiled by CDL in 2022.

Outdoor Cooking Facilities

There was a time when a couple of gas grills out on the patio would suffice. But this was a long time ago. Today’s condo developers are building complete outdoor kitchens into their outdoor gathering spaces. While gas grills are still very much in evidence, so too are outdoor cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, countertops, and plenty of room to entertain. If you like to cook out and entertain, amenities such as these could be a good selling point in your search.

Children’s Facilities

Condos in Toronto are seeing more families than ever moving into the center of the city. Condo developers are only too well aware of this and are adding in amenities just for the kids. These include child care centers, kid-friendly playgrounds, party rooms, even gyms designed for kids with trainers to help them and ensure they stay safe. Then there are game rooms, and licensed daycare staff to ensure your kids have plenty to do to keep them busy. As a parent, you can also play on sites such as link w88.

Perks for Your Dog as Well

Dog owners moving into a condo have their own share of needs too. For example, an off-leash dog park is a hot commodity, while some are building them out on the grounds, others are building them on the roof right alongside the pool and the outdoor kitchen. Nothing like a view of the skyline while you are walking your dog. Or perhaps a dog washing station for you to clean up after taking a walk in the winter slush.

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