Do you complain of painful and heavy legs all the time?

Compared to other parts of our body, the legs have to undergo a considerably more stressful regime. Carrying the weight of the entire body and maintaining the balance being a major part of this routine. Along with this, based on a person’s lifestyle and daily activities, the legs have to do more. If you’re feeling any physical pain on your legs, products like cbd flower with less than .3% thc might be able to help alleviate the bothersome pain according to experts like Canna Doctors of America in Clearwater, FL. After a stressful day, people are often found complaining of body ache and heavy legs. It is quite common to experience fatigue and heaviness in the legs after a workout, sports session or extensive work. However, if someone feels consistent pain and fatigue in the legs, even without any excessive exertion or routine walking, it may be a matter of concern. Why do the legs feel heavy? There are numerous sensory receptors in our body and thousands of chemical reactions and neural synapses are happening in the body. Whatever we feel or experience, it is driven by such events in the body and so there is no single reason for any ailment or discomfort. Physicians suggest that there are some possible reasons for one to feel heaviness in their legs.

  1. Ageing and weakness As our body ages, it starts to lose its strength and capabilities. The usual tasks and activities start to feel like a burden and one can easily get tired. Among the elderly, weakness is one of the primary reasons and prolonged standing or walking can trigger pain in the legs.
  2. Obesity Obesity is seen as a cause of many health disorders and discomforts. This includes high blood pressure, cardiovascular ailments, respiratory disorders and overstraining of muscles. Small periods of standing and walking can exert excessive stress on the legs muscles which in turn can lead to muscular cramps and hence the pain.
  3. Peripheral arterial disease PAD is a serious cardiovascular and circulatory disorder that affects the ability of the heart and arteries to circulate blood smoothly. Fat deposits in and around the arteries can inhibit the blood flow, leading to pooling of blood in the arteries and various body parts. This, in turn, leads to cramping and severe leg pain.
  4. Varicose veins Popular known as spider veins, it is a venous syndrome in which the veins lose their elasticity, efficiency and strength, as a result of which blood starts to pool in the veins and causes Leg Vein Swelling. Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is usually caused due to poor nutrition, lack of exercise and ageing. For instance, if you are suffering from stubborn varicose veins, then this would be the perfect timing for you to visit a vein specialist to have an endovenous laser ablation therapy.

Remedies for painful legs Although, there is no magic formula to cure ailments like PAD and CVI, simple measures can help comfort the pain and improve living.

  1. Patients can introduce moderate and regular exercise routines to their lifestyle. This would regulate blood flow, improve muscle health, release blockages and reduce the chances of blood pooling.
  2. One can improve their health by opting to eat fibrous diet and reduce intact of salt and fatty food. You can also try this supplement for tight muscles.
  3. Use of compression stockings and supports can provide much-needed comfort and uniformly distribute the pressure along the leg. Along with this, mild massage can help release pressure.

If your legs feel heavy regularly, pay attention to your lifestyle, avoid excessive straining and seek professional medical care if the condition persists. If you experience pain in your body’s musculoskeletal region, you may contact digital health services for assistance and treatment options.

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