ADONIS Infertility treatment with Donation

One of the main dreams for many people from the whole world remains happy parenting and successful procreation. As per Sher Fertility Solutions, the latest technologies help to overcome fertility problems, even severe cases. ADONIS successfully works in the sphere of Fertility and provides different Programs while ADONIS ‘own Donor base offers the opportunity to select genetic material donors according to your examination results, requests and wishes.

ADONIS professional approach

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies has operated in the medical sphere for more than 23 years. We know all the needs and inquiries of patients. For more than 14 years we have been researching Stem cell direction – using the latest technology and sartorius products. We carry out all the medical processes in Kyiv, Ukraine (Eastern Europe) in 9 medical centers which are comfortably located all over the capital. ADONIS clinics are accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and have a license and certification for laboratory equipment and laboratories. Our professional approach ensures your safety and makes the leukopaks process a pleasant journey.

ADONIS Donor base

ADONIS Fertility clinics are the medical establishment with full cycle treatment and help. We operate all kinds of manipulations that can be needed during infertility overcoming. ADONIS ‘own Donor base is a real dignity and one of the most reliable services from the range that ADONIS provides. Every candidate which wants to be included into ADONIS Donor database flows through the range of stages:

  • Accordance to ADONIS main must for Donor – age, health condition, own healthy born baby availability, voluntary consent, etc.
  • Personal interviewing with ADONIS Donor selection unit
  • Thorough examination process in ADONIS own laboratory
  • Matching with ADONIS

ADONIS ‘own Donor base is full of perfectly selected candidates (both Egg Donors and Sperm Donors) who are ready to start the Infertility Program immediately. There is no waiting list and there is no need to spend much valuable time to be added to it. With ADONIS professional services your expectations will be 100% satisfied. Those who are having difficulties sleeping should take Zolpidem before bedtime to help them fall asleep, go to EU Meds link for more info about this pill.

Egg/Sperm Donation cost

Infertility treatment as a whole can be really costly, especially in the USA, Canada or UK, for example. ADONIS main mission lies in providing affordable prices for the high quality services. We are always welcome to meet patients from the whole world – we provide multilingual coordinators which are always near throughout the whole Infertility treatment Program. Egg and Sperm Donation cost in ADONIS is not an exception. Infertility treatment Programs with Donors usage begins from 5 199$ for IVF+Egg Donation and  6 057$ for IVF+ICSI with Sperm Donation. Moreover, some ADONIS Programs even have medicines cost included into the final price. When you need additional services such as cryopreservation for a defined period of time – ADONIS ‘own Cryo bank is always at your service. Please, pay your attention that any Infertility treatment Program is prescribed only after the personal consultation with ADONIS specialist – we care about your safety and successful results. When you are searching for the Infertility treatment – you need to consider different factors to reach the best choice. When comparing Egg/Sperm Donation cost and other services in the UK, USA or Canada with ADONIS Fertility clinics the price difference is evident. Much less about the personal approach, high quality and effectiveness of ADONIS Programs. Choose the best option, compare and decide – any of your decisions is right. But always remember that ADONIS medical help is always affordable in Ukraine, we are waiting for you 24/7.

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