Add Curb Appeal with Fast Growing Trees

Add Curb Appeal with Fast Growing Trees

Planting trees near your home is a good idea, on so many levels. It helps to improve the quality of the air that your family breathes. Provides a home for wildlife and can really improve the look and feel of your neighborhood.

Plus, it creates curb appeal and adds value to your home. The latest studies show that properties with mature trees and good landscaping can sell for up to 20% more. You may consider hiring a tree pruning expert to remove unnecessary branches on your and make it look good.

But, the trees have to be mature to have this effect. If you want to add curb appeal to your home the quickest approach is to plant fast-growing trees. If you can’t do it by yourself, then getting help from our friends at Tree Service Powhatan VA would be the best option for you. As you can see by clicking here, these often look just as nice as the ones that take decades to mature. To keep your trees healthy, you may need regular tree trimming with the help of a professional tree service.

Sometimes, homeowners remove trees because they look sickly, yellow, and withered. In other situations, they have them cut down due to personal preferences. However, no matter the reason for your call, a good services like the tree removal company Red Deer offers safe and affordable tree services. You can rely on these emergency tree removal services to cut down and haul away any species you have.

There are plenty of varieties available that will grow at a rate of 4 to 8 feet, per year. Some trees will put on up to 15 feet of height in a single year. If you planted one of those, you would have a mature tree in your yard within just a few years. Here are a few options for you to consider.

A Royal Empress Tree

This beautiful tree produces wonderful blossom. Even if you plant a relatively small sapling, within three years you can easily end up with a tree that is between 40 and 50ft tall.


There are several varieties of willows available, which makes it relatively easy to find one that will grow well in your area. The fastest growing variety – Salix Hybrid grows at a rate of between 6 and 12ft, per year.


Poplar trees are available in many different shapes and sizes. For an elegant, classic garden the tall narrow and pointed Lombardy variety is ideal. But, for a traditional yard, the Hybrid type, which has a traditional round canopy, would make a lovely focal point.

A majestic American Sycamore

If you have a big space to fill, a sycamore is an ideal option. It grows relatively slowly at just 6ft per year. But, once mature, it can easily reach 70 feet.

A Quaking Aspen

This oddly named tree is one of the most popular in the USA. In the warmer states, it is planted as a shade tree. Elsewhere, it is used very effectively as an ornamental tree.

A word of caution

Most of the above trees will grow in a lot of different environments. However, you need to be a bit careful about what you plant and where. Before you buy, it is wise to do a little extra research. You need to find out what the soil type is in your area and take into account how well it drains.

Homeowners need to choose trees that will not overwhelm their property once they are fully grown. It is also important to consider the impact of your landscaping on your neighbors. The last thing you want to do is to block out all of their light or find that 10 years down the line your tree’s roots have grown into their drains. You can find ArborPro Tree Experts contact details here if you need help from a reliable tree care service.

You also need to check local legislation. Some varieties are banned in certain cities or states. Or, there are limits on where they can be planted.

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