Accessories For Your Backyard Patio

There are numerous ideas that you can use to enhance the design of your backyard patio. A Treasure Garden umbrella on top of a table keeps the sun from shining on you while you’re enjoying a snack, meal or a drink outside. Here is some advice from the design experts at Wicker Paradise.

You can also position small tables beside the chairs so that there are places to set a drink or other items that you take on the patio. A water feature, such as a fountain, can be placed on a table or in a corner of the patio. Add a few lights around the outside of the patio for a dazzling look when you’re enjoying the patio in the evening or at night.

Accent pillows on seagrass furniture transform boring pieces into works of art. Use pillows in colors that contrast with the colors of the furniture. Brighter colors often work well with white, gray and other neutral shades. A basic cushion in beige can be highlighted by a well-positioned throw pillow that has a bold pattern or design.

An awning is an addition to the patio that will help to block out the sun and keep it cooler in the summer. It will also keep your wicker furniture from fading. A small bar or a beverage cart can be kept on the patio so that you can entertain guests or enjoy a drink when you want one. A few plants in the corners of the patio give a natural feeling to the space.

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