A Closer Look at Kiln Drying and Why You Need to Buy Kiln Dried Logs

Kiln drying is a modern process of drying wood. It is an artificial drying method but is useful if the goal is to dry logs quickly. It only takes around four days to a week to drain the wood. Compared with traditional drying which takes several months to a few years, kiln drying is practical.

Through kiln drying, moisture goes out of the wood. The process artificially sucks the moisture out instead of waiting for a long time for it to naturally go out.

Aside from speeding the process up, it is also beneficial to use kiln drying as a method since it helps kill the pathogens in logs. It is a problem in the wood industry today since diseased logs are no longer useful.

Regarding storage space, it takes less stacking space for kiln dried wood compared with seasoned wood. Therefore, you don’t need a massive area at home to keep this wood.

The downside

Although several benefits come with the use of kiln-dried wood, you might decide not to buy it due to the price. However, before you forget about the idea of using this type of wood, you need to realise all the benefits that you are getting.

This wood burns longer, and it does not emit a lot of smoke. It is better for homes especially if you worry about safety. Since it does not produce too much smoke, it is not a fire hazard. Also, since it burns longer than traditionally seasoned logs, you don’t need to keep replacing it. You only need a few logs for a specific purpose. For instance, if you want to stay warm throughout the cold, winter night, you don’t need to replace the wood often. In the end, you are still saving a lot of money.

The same thing is true when it comes to cooking. Even if you are cooking a lot, you don’t need to use several logs. During the holidays, you will save more money with this option. Hence, if you are looking at the bigger picture, kiln dried logs are still a practical choice.

Think of the benefits

In the end, you need to look at all the benefits that you will get if you choose this type of wood. Some people might say that the process is artificial, and so it is not as trustworthy as traditionally seasoned wood. However, if you look at its performance, it has no difference. Kiln dried wood is even better than traditionally seasoned woods in several aspects.

It is not easy for you if you season your wood and wait a long time before using it. With kiln dried logs, you can easily order them online, and start using them immediately. They are also sustainable logs that don’t have any harmful impact on the environment. There is a careful process in doing kiln drying. Given these reasons, it is time to consider buying kiln dried sustainable logs now.


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