Drain blocked? Drain unblocker does the trick

Having a clogged drain unfortunately is known to many. Fixing it yourself is definitely preferred over hiring a professional to help you out. But how do you tackle such a situation? There are numerous options, depending on the complexity of the drain blockage. Let’s dive into the options and learn what you can use to […]

Sustainable Trends for 2020

Sustainability is mainstream. The surge in environmentally-conscious businesses, products, and activities is great news for our planet. Plastic-free shops are opening in every town around the country, flights are being replaced with slower alternatives, and zero waste culture is growing. Coupled with widespread green movements, such as the infamous Extinction Rebellion protests, the environment is […]

Is ‘Zero-Waste’ a consumer trend or an eco-movement?

The term ‘Zero-Waste’ refers to the set of principles that focuses on the prevention of waste and encourages the use of recyclable and eco-friendly alternatives over single-use items. Initially, ‘Zero-Waste’ started as a challenge to reduce daily waste by using recyclable material to its optimum level of consumption. However, ‘Zero-Waste’ has since become an international […]

Eco-Friendly Shutters

Are you considering living an eco-friendlier lifestyle? A great way to start doing so is by how you dress the windows of your home. By fitting shutters to your windows you will reduce your energy bills due to the insulation benefits they provide. Shutters also look great and are an environmentally conscious step to take […]