Low Impact Living

Great Apps For Everyday Gardening

Recent research shows that 83 percent of Millennials sleep with their smartphones. As mobile technology becomes more integrated into everyday life, many people find that they can benefit from adding apps to their smartphones. What surprises some smartphone users is that they can use

Top Benefits of Solar Energy in Your Home

Numerous alternative energy sources are becoming available for homes and businesses, including solar energy, wind energy, and energy powered by biofuels. These energy sources are still in their infancy when compared to other energy sources, but they are slowly growing in their popularity and

Choosing Secure Windows for your Home

To deter thieves and burglars, you need more than just the standard windows in your home. Be sure that the keys to the windows are properly locked away, but not too far where you’ll have difficulty finding them in an emergency. If possible, purchase

Making Your Home a Healthy One

What exactly is a “healthy home?” The term surfaced about a decade ago. This was when homeowners began to focus on the overall health of their homes. After nationwide news stories focused on hazardous problems found in homes, like radon and carbon monoxide, people