3 Great Additions to Your Home

Whether you like it or not, your home says a lot about you. Maybe you love to read, so you have bookshelves everywhere. Or perhaps you’re a car fanatic and so you have a big garage to keep all your tools in. Unless you’re

Which Shower You Should Choose For Your House

Tips for organizing your shower enclosure If you’re having a free standing shower enclosure in your new bathroom you’ll need to select the appropriate tray. There are a variety of trays available to fit shower enclosures of all dimensions and configurations, but it can

Cleaning advice from a rug specialist

Keeping your rug clean not only keeps it looking and smelling fresh, but it also helps it to last for years and years. But, not all materials or rug construction techniques will take the rough and tumble of a washing machine, of the scrubbing

Do You Need to Modernise to Move?

The property market is on the move. It is good news for many people who for one reason or another have been looking to move for some time. The recession knocked confidence and until recently there were few buyers in the market. Those willing