Quarantined Gambling

COVID-19 has made some adjustments to the daily life of most of us. Self-isolation has become a trend of 2020, which somehow affects every citizen of the country. Another question is what to do during self-isolation. When your favorite TV series are already revised, it’s time to have fun. The best way is to play […]

Sahel Majali: Founder and Chairman of Mid Group

With over 30 years of experience in construction and contracting, Sahel Al Majali heads the Mid Group as its founder and Chairman. This fast-growing, global organisation has established a reputation as a forerunning, dynamic construction, investment and development company. With offices in the UK and the Middle East, the Mid Group incorporates several subsidiary companies […]

Is ‘Zero-Waste’ a consumer trend or an eco-movement?

The term ‘Zero-Waste’ refers to the set of principles that focuses on the prevention of waste and encourages the use of recyclable and eco-friendly alternatives over single-use items. Initially, ‘Zero-Waste’ started as a challenge to reduce daily waste by using recyclable material to its optimum level of consumption. However, ‘Zero-Waste’ has since become an international […]

Tips for Paying for Home Repairs and Renovations

Whether you’ve experienced a natural disaster or you’re interested in improving your single-family home, home renovations and repairs can be costly. Many homeowners opt to update their homes to their increase property value, but paying the initial cost of repairs and improvements can seem daunting. From personal loans to savings, here are the best ways to […]