6 New Rules for Decluttering a Kid’s Room

If you’re reading this, then I don’t need to tell you how horrible it is trying to organise your child’s room without it all getting pulled out the next day. Well, with the number of books, toys, and craft items, weaning bibs and whatever else all over the floor, it can truly feel like a bomb has hit it – especially when they aren’t cleaned by the little monsters. In this article, we will go through some tips on how to declutter your kid’s room and ensure it stays that way.


Involve Your Kids From The Beginning


It is really important to work with your kids rather than against them when you are trying to declutter and reorganise, so it is best to discuss this with your child before going full throttle. Kids as young as 3 years old really enjoy getting involved and being active with it. It’s easy to think that your child will get bored or frustrated talking about the way you are going to organise their toys but at the end of the day, it is their toys and you are paying attention to them. If your child gets involved, they feel a sense of ownership so they will be more willing to keep things tidy, or will at least know where things go.


Have Kids Give You A Tour Of Their Room Before Decluttering


Rather than asking your kids what we should keep and get rid of, ask them for a tour of their room. By giving them the opportunity to show you what is there, you can pick up on their tone and language so you will be able to identify what they like and what they aren’t too fussed about. Building trust is essential, if they call something their favourite, then you should mirror that and call it their favourite, that way, they feel like you are on their side.


Talk About How Stuff Has A Home


Kids have a great way of personifying things. It makes sense to ask questions like, ‘would you like this to live with you’ or ‘where should we give this a home’ when organising them. Rather than saying put that away you could ask them to put it in its home. This gives a different spin on the question and your child will be more inclined to put it away. An example of this would be where would you like your baby washcloths to live? Would you like this book to live with us or to a new home?


Give Your Child Permission To Throw Things Away


Children don’t realise it is okay to say no to things they don’t want. Try to create conversations where you are putting a positive spin on getting rid of things by explaining that you are giving them away to charity and giving them a new home.


Start From The Bottom Up


When you’re decluttering a child’s room, it’s best to start where they are most of the time, on the ground. This process takes everything down to their level, this way, they know where their item’s new home is so that they can put it away afterwards.


Reinforce Routine With Cubbies


Cubbies are a great way of organising your child’s room without having to really do much organising yourself as it recreates what they experience at school so it is basically reinforcing their routine. This can be placed in a corner or the entrance of their room and create a little drop zone. I have enrolled my child to study remotely with TWINS Education’s IGCSE online tutors and the results are amazing.


If you follow these simple yet effective steps, you shouldn’t have a problem when trying to get your child to declutter your room. These great little hacks have really helped me with my child’s room so I hope they do the same for you.



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