5 Tips On How to Arrange Flowers Like A Pro for a big day

Arranging flowers is a hobby and also a beautiful form of art. Using the right style just with some simple flowers and stems can turn into a beautiful décor piece for any occasion. Taking help from a florist is completely fine during special occasions for floral arrangement. However, you might actually be surprised at your own skills and expertise on flower arrangement if you some simple tips.

Maybe your first trial won’t be perfect. Luckily for you, wholesale flowers and supplies are available online at an affordable price. What you can do is practice at home for a while and then finally surprise your guests with your creation for a big day.

Tip 1- Be familiar with floral typeseaston-oliver-624590

When it comes to flower arrangement, the florist usually categorize the flowers in four major types depending on their size, shape and structure. If you want a diversified look, you can choose to use flowers from each category in your arrangement. However, this is not always mandatory. We would recommend use at least two categories to get a symmetrical look. In order to use only one category, you will need to be a pro. So for beginners, it is wiser to choose two or four types. The flowers types and their examples are given below for your convenience.

  • Focal flowers: Focal flowers are usually the center of attraction for the arrangement. Examples include roses, peonies, sunflower, and dahlias.

  • Filler flowers: These flowers are used to fill in the gaps mostly. For example, Alchemilla, Alstrantia, etc.

  • Line flowers: The long tall flowers such as Astilbe and Delphinium are called line flowers.

  • Foliage: Flowers with stems and greenery such as ferns are called foliage.

The thumb rule is to use focal flowers and foliage for beginners or use all the four types together.

Tip 2- Know knives VS scissors usejeremy-wong-weddings-626179

Both knife and scissors are equally important for floral arrangement. But you need to be careful about their usage. People use them interchangeably but you find desired results when used for the right thing. For example for cutting large stems, it is highly recommended to use knife. Using scissors will serve the purpose but the quality would be deteriorated. For trimming petals and thorns, use scissors instead of knives.

Make sure you have enough wholesale flowers and supplies at home for creating the arrangement.

Tip 3- The container mattersrob-sarmiento-596604

The vase in which you keep the flowers, its size and shape definitely matters. For instance, if you are arranging large blooms, it is recommended the vase should be wide at the bottom. Larger blooms do not look good in thin vases. However, for flowers with longer stems such as sunflower, a thin and sleek vase will serve as a better container. For garden flowers, pots would look better than a fancy vase. You can make your arrangement look even more professional if you go for DIY vase.

Tips 4- Visualize the patternshardayyy-photography-113795

Before buying your wholesale flowers and supplies for the arrangement, visualize the pattern in your mind. Browse online and see pictures of floral arrangements. Check if the color combination you have in your mind looks good or not in real life. Initially choose one factor on your own and one factor from online. That is, if you find a good color combination online, use that color combination with flowers from your own choice or vice versa. Once you get the hang of it, you can get crazy with all the styles and patterns.

Tip 5- Florist foam is important

As a professional, the most important tip is to use florist foam. Don’t forget to order them with your wholesale flowers and supplies. This will keep your flowers fresh for a long time and will keep the colors intact. Organic foams are also available nowadays if you are afraid to use too much chemicals on the flower.

Other than these tips, don’t forget to water the flowers properly. Before buying the flowers know about the water temperature they require to deliver the best results. Like every other learning aspect, practice makes it perfect. Once you start trying out for flower arrangements, soon you will get the hang of it.

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