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5 Reasons Why Montreal is an Ideal Place to Live in Canada

You know how people say the home is where the heart is? What if you don’t know where your heart is? Then how would you know where you yourself should be? It’s really hard to find an ideal place to live in today’s times. Decades ago, the only thing you had to consider was where to build a home. Today a lot of things have to be factored in, from availability of schools, the education system, crime rates, and so on. Montreal is a vibrant city inhabited by beautiful people and diverse culture. And we’re here to give you some of the many reasons to fall in love with it.

  1. You can afford to own a decent place.

Admit it, that’s the first thing that pops in your mind whenever you think of moving. Well, don’t fret because Montreal has a reputation of having the lowest mortgage costs compared to other metropolitan cities in Canada. There are Montreal condos for sale on the market today that are really affordable, with good quality construction and convenient locations.

  1. There are many employment opportunities available.

Montreal is quite unaffected by the economic downturn in the past few years. In fact it is developing continuously in the technology, education, and hospitality sectors. The largest sectors in Montreal though are business, manufacturing and retail. So whether you want to land a job in the corporate world or you prefer a non-desk work, chances are you can find employment in Montreal sooner than you think.

  1. They have a very efficient transport system.

Not having your own car in Montreal is not a problem because the city has a very dependable transit system that features four subway lines with 68 stations. They also have 185 bus lines that roam around and operate every 15 minutes. And if you are into cycling, you will be glad to know that Montreal is a bike-friendly city that has bike-only lanes, making it easier and safer to ride your bike. Getting around the city is pretty much easy even to a newbie. Hence, your Aventon e-bike can be really useful not just for leisure and exercise but also for transportation.

  1. It is a safe place to live.

Montreal is among the cities with the lowest crime rates. It is a safe place where locals or even tourists can go about their business with peace of mind. You can usually walk through the streets and not fear because you can be sure that the streets are safe. With some precautions, you can definitely wander around the city, carefree.

  1. They have clean and green surroundings.

Montreal is simply a beautiful place. Even if you are just walking on the streets, you will always find something interesting and enchanting. It has a lot of museums, architectural buildings and green parks that offer leisure and recreational activities for all ages. Just imagine being able to go to Mount Royal Park to enjoy your lunch and relax in one of the most scenic areas of the city.

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