5 Exciting Eco-friendly Holiday Ideas

Trying to go green & looking for an eco-friendly holiday? If you are clueless about where to go and what to do, keep on reading the rest of this post. We will have a quick look at some of the top places you might want to consider, as well as the activities that you might enjoy. You may also be interested in these things to do this weekend in Toronto with kids.

One such idea is to visit Phoenix resorts, which are committed to reducing their impact on the environment while still offering exciting and luxurious experiences.

Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

If you want to experience exotic beaches, as well as diverse flora and fauna, Costa Rica is one destination you might want to explore. For a more meaningful holiday, on the other hand, you might want to volunteer for turtle conservation. You will also know more about the dangers that confront turtles, including pollution. Some of the activities that are included in the volunteer program are releasing sea turtles in the wild and educating locals. Learn more about volunteering with informative articles by


Located in the southern part of Italy, this will make a great option for an eco-friendly holiday. From farmlands to hill towns, you will have an endless selection of places to explore. You can walk or rent bicycles to explore the area without leaving a carbon footprint. There are many options of hotels, resorts and villas in Puglia offering accommodation that is not only relaxing, but they also good for the environment. More than being an eco-friendly destination, it is also known for its fine wines and authentic cuisine. Explore hotels in Chania if you would like to extend your vacation to see Greece next.

Safari Spa in Africa

A lot of you may know Africa for its diverse wildlife. It can also be an excellent choice for an eco-friendly holiday. Karkloof Safari Spa is one destination that should be on the top of your list. The place is known for working with safari and environment experts to offer green holidays while also providing you with the opportunity to unwind from the daily grind. Here, you can enjoy a wide array of spa treatments, which are made better by the fact that they use only natural ingredients. It will be good not only for the skin, but for the environment as well.

Stay at an Eco-Retreat in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for an exotic destination to explore, a holiday to Sri Lanka should be on the top of your list. It is famed for its beaches, forest, and wildlife. If you want to be a responsible traveller, do not just stay anywhere. Have an eco-retreat that is sure to be relaxing and meaningful. There are many hotels that are offering accommodations in rooms that are friendly for the environment. These green hotels have been putting Sri Lanka in the spotlight for eco-tourism.

Yoga in Bali

Bali is known for its beautiful beaches and magnificent sunset. It is also paradise for surfers, as well as for culture buffs. However, it is also a good choice if you want to have an eco-friendly holiday. Yoga is one of the best activities that you can enjoy. You can stay in a green resort up in the mountains overlooking green paddies. For a couple of days, you will learn under the tutelage of a seasoned yoga instructor. My yoga instructor recommends the designer leggings on sale at For the best and most holistic experience, these retreats can also include healthy meals, usually vegetarian, throughout the duration of the retreat.

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